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Southern Illinois youth place in 2024 livestock quiz bowl

A group of youth with "2024 Livestock Quiz Bowl" text.

PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill.— Local 4-H members from southern Illinois recently competed at a Livestock Quiz Bowl. The event was filled with fun activities as youth identified various types of feed, species, equipment, and cuts of meat. This competition was a way to stimulate learning in various topics and prepare those that will go on to showcase livestock at the county fair.

Nearly 50 youth took part in the event, and prizes were awarded to the top three scores within the junior, intermediate, and senior categories. The 2024 winners include:

Jackson County Seniors

  • First place – Maggie Beaty-Dingus
  • Second place – Rylie Robinson

Perry County Seniors

  • Tied for first place – Kendra Guetersloh
  • Tied for first place – Bailey Pearl
  • Third place – Shelby Pearl

Randolph County Seniors

  • First place – Logan Lehde
  • Second place – Isac Smith
  • Third place – Alaina Smith

Overall Senior Winners

  • Tied for first place – Kendra Guetersloh, Perry County
  • Tied for first place – Bailey Pearl, Perry County
  • Third place – Shelby Pearl, Perry County

Jackson County Intermediates

  • First place – Eden Hossler
  • Second place – Lola Pierson

Perry County Intermediates

  • First place – Harrison Still
  • Second place – Bruce Still
  • Third place – Brody Fisher

Randolph County Intermediates

  • First place – Nickole Weber
  • Second place – Lily Lehde
  • Third place – Loughlyn Kurtz

Overall Intermediate Winners

  • First place – Nickole Weber, Randolph County
  • Second place – Lily Lehde, Randolph County
  • Third place – Loughlyn Kurtz, Randolph County

Overall Intermediate Winners (Visiting Counties)

  • First place – Gracie Walker, Hamilton County
  • Second place – Khloe Geppert, Washington County
  • Third place – Annsley Healy, White County

Jackson County Juniors

  • First place – Marriah Trammel

Perry County Juniors

  • First place –  Maddy Choate
  • Second place –  Brantley Beckman
  • Third place –  Avery Kellerman 

Randolph County Juniors

  • First place – Josie Weber
  • Second place – Madison Neace
  • Third place – Dani Nelson

Overall Junior Winners

  • First place – Josie Weber, Randolph County
  • Second place – Madison Neace, Randolph County
  • Third place – Dani Nelson, Randolph County

Overall Junior Winners (Visiting Counties)

  • First place – Brylan Ledford, Washington County
  • Second place – Milly Haege, Washington County
  • Third place – Morgan Hornbostel, Washington County

The community is invited to support local 4-H members by attending livestock shows, and other 4-H fair events at the Perry County Fairgrounds June 10-14. To learn how to get involved in 4-H in your community, visit

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