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Pressure Canner Testing Clinic | LaSalle

Pressure Canner with a gauge
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LaSalle County Extension Office

Pressure canning is important when canning low-acid foods, particularly meats and vegetables. Illinois Extension recommends home canners have their dial-gauge pressure canners tested at least once each year to see if the needle is accurate. Over time, the needle on a dial-gauge pressure canner can become inaccurate. If the dial-gauge is not measuring the correct pressure, foods inside the pressure canner may be under-processed, which increases the risk of serious illness from botulism. 

·       We offer free testing for dial-gauge pressure canners.

·       Testing often takes about 15 minutes per canner

·       During testing clinics, you can stop in or drop off lids with gauges ahead of time

·       It’s well worth the visit to know what the gauge reads

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact