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Food Preservation

Food Preservation

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Pour jam into jar
Read article: Why is open kettle canning unsafe?
Why is open kettle canning unsafe?
Canning food at home has been around since the early 1800s, with the first mason jar designed for canning distributed in 1884. Canning, freezing, and...
Fresh produce in an bowl and on a tabletop
Read article: Learn how to preserve your produce like a pro
Learn how to preserve your produce like a pro
No one like’s having to throw out food because it’s gone bad; that’s hard-earned money down the drain. Fruits and vegetables are some of the most...
jar of sauerkraut on wooden surface
Read article: What do you know about Fermentation?
What do you know about Fermentation?
Fermentation has been around since ancient times, but with the surge of people wanting to preserve their own food, it’s been enjoying a revival....
Five diverse youth eating large pieces of watermelon. Illinois Extension wordmark and block I on lower part of image
Read article: I can bake with cantaloupe?
I can bake with cantaloupe?
Summer means lot of choices for fresh fruits and vegetables, including melons. Today I want to share some recipes with melon I developed for a...

News Releases

freezer with frozen vegetables
How to freeze produce for maximum freshness
Spring is right around the corner, and summer gardens will be bursting with produce in no time. You can enjoy your summer flavors year-round by preserving your fresh produce now. Home food preservation continues to be a favorite by many. And by knowing and understanding a few basics, you can...
Fermentation class coming to downtown Bloomington
  Fermentation class coming to downtown Bloomington   BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Have you ever heard of lacto-fermentation?  It may sound unusual, but it sure is tasty! University of Illinois Extension educators, Jenna Smith and Nick Frillman are partnering with...
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Learn how to ferment vegetables at upcoming program
FREEPORT, Ill.-Fermentation, like drying, is one of the oldest methods of preserving food for later use. It is also used in creating other foods, like cheese, yogurt, alcohol, and sourdough bread. Fermentation is a natural process in which microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeast convert...
strawberry jelly
Yes! You CAN: Preserving Practice – Jams and Jellies
ELIZABETH, IL. Strawberry season is upon us, and fresh-picked strawberries are great! These sweet berries are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. If you have a bumper crop and want to enjoy the delectable tastes of these summer berries year-round, try preserving them. Nothing tastes...


How to Use Pressure Canners: Canning with Confidence

Take the pressure out of pressure canning.

Pressure canners provide the only safe method for preserving low-acid foods, such as green beans, meats, squash and pumpkin, and stews, soups, and broths. Only pressure canners can reach the required temperature of 240 °F to kill the deadly...

How to Use Steam Canners: Canning with Confidence

Steam canning is a safe alternative to boiling water bath canning for preserving many high-acid foods, including most fruits, preserves, and pickled vegetables.

In this webinar you will learn how to use a steam canner, become familiar with recommended food processing times, and watch a...