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Vanilla cupcakes with white icing and a garnish on top of the icing.

Grow Your Food Business

Learn about the laws, certifications, processes, and practices required to run a home-based cottage food operation safely and legally in Illinois.
A chef cutting a green pepper on a cutting board with a variety of vegetables that are cut surrounding the cutting board.

Certified Food Protection Managers Course

This program meets the coursework and examination requirements set by the Illinois Department of Public Health. We offer courses within our unit throughout the year.
Seeds sprouting in a a tray of containers.

Plan Your Garden

Growing your own food brings many rewards. Start planning your garden now to maximize both your garden space and the growing season.
News Releases
Recent quarter-sized holes in the soil made by periodical cicadas
Enjoy the silence. Cicadas are coming
If you haven't heard the buzz, you will soon. Billions of periodical cicadas are coming, and University of Illinois Extension is sharing information to help track their moves before emergence. “Historically speaking, 2024 is a big year for...
Erin Garret standing next to little bluestem in a garden
Grasses at a Glance blog earns award from national Extension organization
URBANA, Ill. — Grasses are a small and often subtle backbone of many ecosystems, making up nearly 30% of the planet’s land cover. They prevent soil erosion, regulate water flow, and provide food and habitat for wildlife and livestock. But ask someone to identify one grass from another, and you...
pressure canner tested
Get your pressure canner tested for free by Illinois Extension
URBANA, Ill. — Spring is a great time to take inventory of your canning equipment to prepare for the summer canning season. If you have a dial gauge pressure canner, make it a habit to get it tested by Illinois Extension every year. Various...

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