Extension Council

The Extension Council is authorized by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, in accordance with state law, to be actively involved in the operation of University of Illinois Extension. Extension Councils cooperate with Extension staff in planning, promoting, developing, implementing, evaluating, and financing an Extension program designed to meet the needs, interests, and resources of the local communities served.

Extension Council Dates for 2023:
Thursday, October 19, in Christian County
Thursday, December 14 or 21, in Montgomery County

Extension Council Members

If you are interested in bringing your unique perspective to the Christian-Jersey-Macoupin-Montgomery Extension Council, please contact Amanda Cole. University of Illinois Extension is dedicated to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity. All decisions involving clientele and employees are based on individual merit and are free from invidious discrimination in all its forms.

2022-2023 Council Members

Conner Ashlock - Jerseyville, Jersey County
Connie Beck - Litchfield, Montgomery County
Tiffany Blasa - Grafton, Jersey County
Maureen Bruns - Rosamond, Christian County
Paige Cox - Palmyra, Macoupin County
Mark Dugger - Carlinville, Macoupin County
Jerome Epplin - Litchfield, Montgomery County
Caleb Grover - Stonington, Christian County
Alicia Gullidge - Assumption, Christian County
Heather Haley - Carlinville, Macoupin County
Sandy Hefner - Jerseyville, Jersey County
Vicki Joiner - Carlinville, Macoupin County
Venise McWard - Taylorville, Christian County
Dennis Rahe - Carlinville, Macoupin County
Terry Trader - Hillsboro, Montgomery County