Buying Food

Don't sacrifice nutrition trying to save on food costs.

Illinois Extension can help you stretch your food dollars while maintaining the nutritional quality your family deserves. 

Save Time 

Write a Grocery List 
A pre-written list helps you move through the store quickly because you know what you need. 

Use Tools to Shop Less 
Writing shopping lists, planning meals for a week, and cooking from what is already in your pantry at home can mean fewer shopping trips and prevent the need to make a trip just for one ingredient.

Reduce Food Waste

Understand Food Dates 
“Best buy,” “sell buy,” and other food dates are typically about food quality, not food safety. Check out the FoodKeeper App to search specific foods.

Learn Your Trash Habits
Foods can mold, become limp, or smell “off” and end up in the trash. Buying less fresh produce and more canned or frozen foods and preserving at home are two ways to have less food become waste.