Food Preparation

We're here to make meal preparation easier.

Not sure how to make mashed potatoes? Want to make the perfect cake? We have answers to all your food preparation questions. Illinois Extension has been helping people bake, and cook for more than 100 years. Trust their experience as you learn new kitchen skills. Want more help? Reach out to your local Extension office

It's like having your best friend helping in the kitchen.

Extension Educator Mary Liz Wright has taught generations how to cook. Now, you can have her at your side. These short, helpful videos demonstrate basic food prep skills, including how to measure ingredients, how to wash produce, and how to use appliances. 

Read some of our most popular tip sheets.

  • Electric Pressure Cookers 
    Make meals and individual ingredients in a fast, hands-off way with electric pressure cooking.
  • Recipe Substitutions 
    Before you head to the grocery store, try one of these handy substitutes for common ingredients. 
  • Cooking with Children
    It might be messy, but include your kids in the kitchen. We offer age-appropriate tasks for all ages. 
  • Cooking for One or Two
    Standard family-size recipes don't work when there are only one or two people in the home. Explore tips on cutting down recipes, as well as shopping tips to save money. 
  • Creative Ways to Use Leftovers
    If you made more than you need, store and save your extras for future meals. Remember these safety guidelines for thawing and reheating leftovers.
  • One-Container Meals
    Make healthy meals without the mess with these quick and easy meals made in one container.
  • Shopping to Save
    Learn tips and tricks for saving on your weekly food budget.
  • Using an Air Fryer
    Air fryers work as a convection appliance, circulating hot air that contains fine oil droplets.