Food Safety And Disasters

Be prepared when disaster strikes! We take the guesswork out of food safety.

Disasters don't arrive on schedule, but you can be prepared to keep your family safe and healthy when the unexpected happens. Looking to build an emergency food supply? Read our tip sheet here Find information below on general cleaning and sanitizing, what to do in a kitchen fire and how to prevent them, food safety in a power outage, creating meals without electricity, cleaning up a kitchen after a flood,  and handling boil orders. 

Power Outages, Floods, & Boil Orders 

Did the lights go out? Are you reading this by candlelight or the glow of your cell phone? You may still be able to save the food in the refrigerator! During power outages, creating meals and keeping food safe can be challenging. Following a boil order and knowing how to clean after a flood can be a struggle. Have you ever been under a boil-water advisory and unsure what to do? Let Extension help give you the tools to save the food, safely clean up after a flood, create unique meals, and tips for following a boil order. 

Fire! What To Do & How to Prevent It

Did you know: Disasters such as home fires happen to 2 million Americans each year, with almost half caused by cooking equipment. Learn more about preventing, handling, and cleaning up after kitchen fires

Fire! Where’s the fire extinguisher? Knowing where a fire extinguisher is and how to use it are essential aspects of food and kitchen safety. Be prepared by:

  • Purchasing the right type of extinguisher 
  • Knowing how to properly store a fire extinguisher 
  • Using the extinguisher 
  • Inspect the fire extinguisher 

Read more about Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Safety

How Clean is Your Kitchen? 

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? Extension is here to help! Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen are essential steps in preventing foodborne illness. Learn how to make your own bleach It is important to remember that not every appliance should be cleaned in the same way. 

Always follow manufacturer instructions for cleaning and sanitizing equipment; however, read more about general guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing various food contact surfaces and equipment

Have more questions about keeping your kitchen clean? Visit our cleaning the kitchen website