Dudley Smith Farm Field Day

Overlooking soil quality can greatly impact an operation's overall productivity. 

Soil health and quality play a significant role in the nutritional value of pastures and cover crops,…

Cooking with Chemistry

for ages 8-18

4-H Cooking with Chemistry Camp: A Culinary Adventure for Youth
In this exciting opportunity, young culinary enthusiasts can explore the fascinating science behind their favorite foods and…



4-H Illini Summer Academies

Registration opens in January 2024!


Illini Summer Academies is a life-changing personal development experience on the University of Illinois campus. Participants from around…

State 4-H Poultry Judging Contest

Participation:  A county may enter any number of 4-H participants. A county team may be, made up of three or four contestants with no limit on the number of teams or individuals. The scores…

Mental Health First Aid for the Agriculture Community

Learn how to help someone experiencing mental health or substance use issues.

This one-day online event is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to provide crucial…

Nearby Nature and Socializing: Everyday Tips to Boost Your Health and Well-Being

Summer Self-Care 2024
Discover how nature and socializing can improve your health and well-being.

Have you ever felt down or bored and weren’t sure how to “put yourself out of it?” Learn how nature and socializing can…



Sangamon 4-H Livestock Shows

County: Sangamon

Sangamon 4-H members enrolled in livestock projects will exhibit their animals during the Beef, Dairy, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, and Swine Shows.  Details for exhibitors are available in…


Sangamon/Menard 4-H General Projects Show

County: Menard, Sangamon

Sangamon and Menard 4-H members enrolled in General Projects will exhibit their project work during the 4-H General Projects Show.  Details are available in each county's Show Book at …



4-H Memorial Camp Summer Session IV

Registration opens in late January/early February!

Adventure awaits you at every turn at 4-H Memorial Camp. Every day is packed with activities that will challenge you to try new and exciting…

Logan/Menard/Sangamon 4-H Dog Show

County: Logan, Menard, Sangamon

Logan/Menard/Sangamon 4-H members enrolled in the Dog project will demonstrate their skills during the 4-H Dog Show.  Details for exhibitors are available in each county's Show Book at …