Find a Club

During club meetings, 4-H members make friends while exploring their interests, trying new things, and developing leadership and life skills.

  • Multi-Project Clubs are open to youth ages 8-18 as of September 1. During monthly club meetings, members develop leadership and life skills through fun activities and community service. Outside of club meetings, members independently work on 4-H projects, choosing topics that spark their interest.
  • Cloverbud Clubs are for children ages 5-7 as of September 1, and members do activities as a group during club meetings.
  • SPIN (SPecial INterest) Clubs focus on one project area, and club meetings are spent developing skills in that area.
Contact a club leader and visit a meeting.
You can choose any club in your county.
The cost to join is $20 per member per year.
Financial assistance is available.
The "4-H year" runs Sept 1-Aug 31.
You must enroll by March 1 to participate in the 4-H shows.
Logan County 4-H Clubs

Atlanta Ag & Atlanta Ag Cloverbuds
 - meets 3rd Sunday at 3 PM
contact Casey Glandon (217-820-0896)

Atlanta Town and Country
 - meets 1st Monday at 7 PM
contact Georgia Green (217-648-2973)

Beason Ag
 - meets 2nd Sunday at 1:30 PM
contact Nancy Drake (217-447-3498)

Lincoln - meets 3rd Sunday at 2 PM
contact Rachel Judd (312-320-5771) or Jason Steffens (217-871-2712)

 - meets 1st Thursday at 7 PM
contact Leslie Starasta (217-899-0982)

Four Corner Clovers & Four Corner Cloverbuds
 - meets 2nd Wednesday at 6 PM
contact Laura Tomlinson (217-737-8827)

Hartem Clovers
 - meets 4th Sunday at 3 PM
contact Pam Green (217-737-1237)

Hollanders & Whiz Kids Cloverbuds
New Holland
 - meets 3rd Sunday at 1 PM
contact John and Annie Coers (217-737-5674)

Middletown 4-H'ers & Middletown Cloverbuds
 - meets varying Sundays at 4:30 PM
contact Mary Jo Janssen (217-899-7119) or Kirsten Helton (217-414-2672)

Mt. Pulaski
 - meets 1st Sunday at 2 PM
contact Cheryl Poffenbarger (217-725-1085)

Wide-A-Wake & Early Risers Cloverbuds
 - meets 2nd Sunday at 3 PM
contact Amanda Gray (217-737-7319) or Jackie Jones (309-533-0198)

Logan County Shooting Sports SPIN Club
offering instruction in Air Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, Pistol, and Hunting & Outdoor Skills
contact Sherri Bishop

Menard County 4-H Clubs

Greenview Boosters & Greenview Boosters Cloverbuds
Greenview - meets 3rd Sunday at 6:30 PM
contact Maralee Willis (309-530-6525) or Natasha Bacon (217-638-2884)

West Menarders & West Menarders Cloverbuds
Petersburg - meets 1st Sunday at 5 PM

Abe Lincoln 4-H Shooters SPIN Club
offering instruction in Archery, Air & .22 Rifle, and Shotgun
contact Carissa Davis

Sangamon County 4-H Clubs

Capital Clovers & Capital Cloverbuds
 - meets 3rd Sunday at 3 PM
contact Jan Zepp, or for Cloverbuds contact Amanda Ciaccio

Cooper Jets & Cooper Jets Cloverbuds
 - meets 4th Sunday at 6:30 PM
contact Carolyn Gerberding (217-498-8307)

 - meets 3rd Sunday at 5 PM
contact Cindy Wilson (217-486-6496)

Island Grove & Island Grove Cloverbuds
New Berlin
 - meets 3rd Sunday at 2 PM
contact Toni Frank (217-652-8879)

Lucky Clovers & Lucky Cloverbuds
 - meets 2nd Monday at 1 PM
contact Becky Travis (217-685-8250)

Pawnee Cloverbuds
 - meets 4th Saturday at 10 AM
contact Tasha Kuchar (217-361-5780)

Pleasant Plains Clovers
Pleasant Plains
 - meets 1st Sunday at 2 PM
contact Michele Stremsterfer (217-626-1974)

Sugar Creek Pioneers
 - meets 2nd Sunday at 2 PM
contact Sarah Frazee (217-494-1573)

 - meets 2nd Sunday at 5:30 PM
contact Jill Keeton (217-435-9526)

Town and County & Town and Country Cloverbuds
 - meets 1st Saturday at 1 PM
contact Donna Moldenhauer

 - meets 3rd Wednesday at 3 PM
contact Lynn Buckles (217-364-5678)

West Side & West Side Cloverbuds
New Berlin
 - meets 2nd Wednesday at 7 PM
contact Erin Sanders (217-691-6217)

Abe Lincoln 4-H Shooters SPIN Club
offering instruction in Archery (age 8-18), Air Pistol (age 10-18), and .22 Caliber Pistol (age 12-18)
contact Carissa Davis