Perry County Youth Honored at 4-H Achievement Night

PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill.— Achievement night is an opportunity to recognize 4-H club members and volunteers for all of their accomplishments. This year’s event highlighted some of the youth in our community for the work they have done over the past year.

The evening kicked off by recognizing 4-H clubs that achieved at least 11 out of the 14 standard requirements to receive the club achievement award. In addition, these clubs also received the 4-H International Activity Award for their participation in the annual Passport Party. Those honored were:

Blue Ribbon Go-Getters, Buckeyes, Clover Kids, Indians, Lucky Clovers and Perry County Panthers

President’s Award/Vice President’s Award

The President’s Award and Vice President’s Award is given to members who take on the responsibility of a leadership role within their club. Those honored with the President’s Award for their club included:

Molly Dearmond, Tucker Dearmond, Keely Epplin, Kyla Epplin, Carly Heisner, Hannah Kocian, Abby Luthy, Grayson Mohr, and   Sarah Restoff

Those honored with the Vice President’s Award for their club were:

Paige Epplin, Joshua Geary, Addi Kellerman, Caleb Lewis, Kally Mayo, Jenna Opp, Shelby Pearl, Olivia Poiter, and Mackenna Wesseln    


In addition, Tucker Dearmond was given the Secretary’s Award and Andrew Wagner was given the Treasurer’s Award.

Taking home the Scrapbook Award was the Buckeyes 4-H Club.

The Jackson family also received a state award for hosting a student through the 4-H International Exchange Program.


Club Leader Recognition

Adult volunteers and leaders were recognized for their part they plan in making Perry County 4-H programs and clubs a success. Among those honored were Mike and Jane Chapman who serve in a mentor leadership capacity after contributing 32 years of service to 4-H youth development programming. Additional honorees were:

Blue Ribbon Go Getters/Go-Getter Buddies- Gail Batteau, Christina Kocian

Buckeyes- David Epplin, Susan Epplin, David Opp and Valerie Opp

Clover Kids- Andrea Luthy

Club D.I.G.S. - Sally Cook, Don Harsy, Karen Glynn, Beverly Harsy, Mary Jo Novak and Pam Swallers

Indians- Mij Dearmond and Willie Dearmond

Itsy Bitsy Spikers- Bonnie Gill

Perry County Panthers/Jr. Panthers- Nathan Bauersachs

Jr. Panther Science- Haven Hicks

Area 51- Darin Hicks

Lucky Clovers- Andrea Choate, Kara Kellerman

Kids In the Park- Jon McClurken, Jane Chapman


Junior Leader Recognition

Junior leaders were recognized for stepping up and taking on additional responsibilities, helping with 4-H Federation and county activities. Youth recognized were:

Blue Ribbon Go Getters- Hannah Kocian, Lydia Kocian and Jessie Pyatt

Buckeyes- Jenna Opp and Hannah Epplin

Perry County Panthers- Lucas Bigham, Jayden Clark, Mariah Clark, Keely Epplin, Kyla Epplin, Paige Epplin, Caleb Lewis, Cheyenne Lynch, Kally Mayo, Megan Mayo, Blaine Shubert and Andrew Wagner

Indians- Molly Dearmond, Tucker Dearmond and Delainey Griffin


Experience Award

The Experience Award offers recognition for members who participate in activities and events throughout the program year. Members are recognized for their experience in the areas of participation, leadership, community service and project learning.

Bronze Medal Winners- Lucas Bigham, Cassie Braun, Madison Braun, Will Epplin, Bailey Pearl, Shelby Pearl, Jessie Pyatt, James Reiman, Kendall Suhr, Austin Stanley, David Stanley, Wyatt Vaughn and Mackenna Wesseln

Silver Medal Winners- Anna Bathon, Leah Bathon, Jayden Clark, Tucker Dearmond,

James Epplin, Keely Epplin, Kyla Epplin, Paige Epplin, Delainey Griffin, Ariya Jackson, Ethan Jackson, Joziah Jackson, Rayella Jackson, Kaleb Kellerman, Lydia Kocian, Jenna Opp, Emily Ruppert, Henry Ruppert and William Szostak

Gold Medal Winners-  Mariah Clark, Molly Dearmond, Hannah Kocian, Caleb Lewis, Faith Lewis, Allison Szostak, Sarah Restoff and Blaine Shubert

Those who received the top bronze, silver and gold member designation received a $150 scholarship to be used at 4-H camp, Illini Summer Academies or any other youth leadership conference within the next year. Scholarship recipients included:

Mackenna Wesseln (bronze), Tucker Dearmond (silver) and Allison Szostak (gold).

Additional medal award winners include:  Faith Lewis (communications), Hannah Kocian (leadership), Caleb Lewis (personal growth), Molly Dearmond (project mastery) and Lydia Kocian (community service).



The youngest members were also recognized for their participation in 4-H. Perry County Cloverbud members are Maddy Choate, Luke Epplin, Asher Jackson, Victoria Jackson, Avery Kellerman, Jameson Poiter, Miner Pyatt, Brody Schrader, Lily Storey, Ezekiel Tanner, Marley Trail and Dayton Wesseln.

4-H empowers young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. Through 4-H, youth complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and citizenship in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. Who do you know that could benefit from 4-H? Join today at:

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