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Unit 3 SNAP-Ed cases recognized across Illinois

Unit 3 SNAP-Ed cases recognized across Illinois

The University of Illinois Extension Unit 3, serving Lake and McHenry counties, was recently recognized for its exemplary community work within the Illinois Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education Narrative Annual Report.

The SNAP-Ed Narrative Annual Report features Community-Based Adult Project Summary case examples. Of these cases implemented throughout the state, Unit 3 was recognized for two different successful outcomes in Waukegan.

The first case was Barwell Manor Homes, Waukegan Housing Authority, where kindergarten classes received direct education from SNAP-Ed at Little Fort Elementary School. Students’ parents also received nutrition education lessons via activity stations. One mother noted that the recipes from SNAP-Ed have been easy to prepare and saved her time at home. Her daughter now eats more fruits and vegetables and drinks more water since participating the classes at school.

The second case was at Lyon Magnet Elementary School, which received assistance from SNAP-Ed with three successful grant applications totaling $650 to expand their school garden. Additional assistance included a Smarter Lunchroom assessment at the end of the year, resulting in a bronze-level award.

SNAP-Ed staff works with Illinois families in need to make the healthier choice an easier choice where they eat, shop, live, play and learn. Through classes and workshops, and by collaborating with community partners to adopt research-based solutions to encourage healthier nutrition and activity choices, SNAP-Ed positively impacts the families and communities it serves.