Healthy Trails of Clark, Crawford, and Edgar Counties

Deciding to move more can have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Fall is a great time to become more physically active and practice mindfulness, dreaming, and goal setting.

Locally, Illinois Extension is partnering with Lincoln Trail State Park in Marshall, Illinois through the Healthy Trails campaign. Starting October 2, 2021, seven signs will be placed along the Airstrip Trail inside the park. Each sign will have an activity for participants to complete while on the trail with a link to learn more information on this website.

Illinois Extension encourages participants to take photos along the trail and post them to Facebook using the hashtag #HealthyTrailsCCE. We have plans to expand the Healthy Trails program in the spring and summer of 2022 in Crawford and Edgar county parks.




“What sets people apart? People are unique in that they have the ability to imagine a more abundant future, hope for that future, and take proactive steps to create that future. This is called proactive dreaming. But sometimes people stop dreaming because they get caught up in the hustle and bustle of surviving. And once we stop dreaming, we start to lead lives of quiet desperation, and little by little the passion and energy begin to disappear from our lives.” 1

Life expectancy in North America has increased from 47 years for those born in 1900 to 78 years for those born in 2007. Added years equal added potential, and added impetus to find meaning across the life course. 2 


Dream\ drem (verb &) noun:

  • (to experience) a series of thoughts, images, or emotions when you’re sleeping.
  • (to think of) something wonderful or beautiful.
  • (to indulge in) a fantasy created by your imagination while you’re awake.
  • (to consider as a possibility) a cherished desire or wish for the future, or b (to indulge in) a fantastic but unrealistic hope.
  • (to conceive of) a strong aspiration or goal.
  • (to live with) a sense of meaning that fills your mind, makes your feet dance, and stirs your soul to soar. 3


“From the time we are little, we make wishes on stars. But dreams and goals are practical and powerful in the sense of life success. Life success lies in the dreams we have, the goals we set and achieve, in what some researchers have termed “planful competence”.

Researchers at Florida State University looked at data from a National Survey of Youth and found that adolescents with a purposeful orientation towards life, combined with general and practical knowledge, have more ambitious career plans, more stable plans in young adulthood, and greater educational and occupational achievements by midlife. In other words, concrete dreams and goals, and your ability to execute a plan to achieve them, play a big part in your life’s success.” 2

Working directly with business leaders, we hear a common theme of concern “if I could only find someone to show up to work… on time, pass my drug test and get along with others then I can train them for the job.” Our theory is that people don’t show up to work, show up late, do drugs, and don’t get along with others because they are not happy.  Some people are not connected to their passion, interests and understand why they need to work.  We need to remind them why work is important to earn a living so they can do the things they love.  For each person, this purpose will be different.

All people have dreams.  We need to find a way to connect their job with their dreams for tomorrow. We need to help people build bridges between their NOW and a better FUTURE. Dreams are the bridge to make that happen. 1

You are never too young or too old to dream! And the world needs more Dreamers – because they are the people with the creativity and courage to make a difference. No matter what stage of life you are in, dreaming can take you to the next step with inspiration, insights, and information on living your dreams and making a difference! 2


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“Every child is born creative. The challenge is keeping it alive!” Kristina Webb

Creativity \ krietiviti :

  • The use of imagination or original ideas to create something.
  • Inventiveness. 2

Entrepreneur \ ontrapraner :

  • One who assumes risks of a business or enterprise.
  • Someone that has an idea for a new product or service, or a way to improve how business has been done before.
  • Creative people who have an idea they want to market.3
  • Entrepreneurial education instills a fundamental life skill.  Whether people ultimately become entrepreneurs or work for others, they learn to invest in themselves and know they have options. We are not just encouraging people to run a business.  It is

    also about encouraging creative thinking and promoting a strong sense of self-worth and accountability. 1

  • Who benefits from creating an environment that fosters creativity and entrepreneurship? Everyone can gain more career options that are available throughout their lives and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, valuable in any career. They learn to think creatively and innovatively and stay in or return to their communities.  Communities thrive from a more entrepreneurial culture and benefit from a healthier local economy.  4

    “Entrepreneurs are not “born” they “become” through the experiences of their lives.  People can build confidence in their abilities to become entrepreneurs in the future as a result of a variety of entrepreneurial activities provided through education. Dr. Gene Coulson, National Director, EntreEd


    Entrepreneurial attitudes impact people’s intentions, which in turn spurs entrepreneurial behavior.

    Entrepreneurial attitudes of “I can be” (self-efficiency, ability, and controllability) and “I want to be” (passion, social norms, and willingness) turns into…

    “I’m planning to be” (planned behavior) to finally…

    “I am an entrepreneur or I am entrepreneurial” (behavior/outcome) 5


    When it comes to entrepreneurs, we like them, we respect them and we need them to help build economic prosperity.  Many of us assume that entrepreneurs just emerge out of thin air.  They do not.  They need to be nurtured – by their families, their friends, their employer, and their communities.

    We believe that Entrepreneurial awareness and education is a strong and compelling way of thinking about creative health.  If you meet someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, you can’t help but be inspired.  Our question then is not “should we do something?” Instead, it is “how can we make it happen?” 1


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