Growing Vines in Containers

vines flowing down from a container pot on a fence

Vines in containers offer great vertical accent. They can also be treated as specimen plants. There are any number of easily grown annual vines that offer not only flowers but interesting foliage as well. Some to consider include; morning glory, thunbergia, cardinal climber, cypress vine, sweet pea, hyacinth bean, mina lobata, snail flower and love-in-a- puff.

Most of the annual vines support themselves by either twining or using tendrils. Because of this some type of support is needed. The support you choose can be an elegant obelisk or as simple as bamboo stakes or even sticks from trees and shrubs. Supports with rough textured surfaces often offer better "gripping surfaces" for the vine as opposed to smooth slick metal rods.



Whatever you choose as a support make sure to insert the support in the container before you plant the vine so that it is there and waiting for the vine to climb on. Choose a support based on the vigor of the plant. Many container vines quickly out grow their support because the garner didn't realize how big the vine would get. Also make sure the support is firmly anchored. As the vine gets larger and heavier, it also becomes more prone to being knocked over during windy days.

Vines can also be used in hanging baskets. Not only will they grow up the wires supporting the basket, but will also hang gracefully down the side much like a curtain.