Pressure Canner Testing


Preserving homegrown fruits and vegetables by canning them is good for you, good for your wallet, and reduces your environmental impact.

But, if your pressure canner lid gauges are inaccurate, it can also be risky.

To ensure safety in the home canning process, especially for those just getting started canning or who are using an older canner, pressure canner lid gauges should be tested annually. Over time, a dial gauge’s calibration can become inaccurate and show an incorrect pressure.

If the pressure is even slightly lower than recommended, the internal temperature of the food will not be high enough to kill all the bacteria and harmful toxins can build up and cause illness or death. 

To get your pressure canner dial gauge tested, drop off your lid at the DeWitt, Macon or Piatt County Extension office. Once the lid is tested, you will be contacted about the results and for pick up.