Our Livestock Show Schedule is planned as follows:

7 – 8 am    Rabbit Check-In
8:30 am     Rabbit judging – poultry barn

7 – 9 am    Poultry Check-In
10 am        Poultry judging – poultry barn (or following the rabbit show)

7:00 am      All swine projects must be on the fairgrounds
7 – 8 am     Swine Weigh-In
10 am         Swine judging – beef/swine show ring (Guilts followed by Barrows)

Public Viewing will be done via video and pictures shared through our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @4H_HKMW, and Snapchat @4H_HKMW.

In order to exhibit a member must have:
Attended 4 Primary Club Meetings
Done a Talk or Demonstration
Complete QAEC and/or YQCA (depending on species shown) by May 1
Registered in FairEntry by June 7
FairEntry Instructions - under "Fairs and Shows"


*All 4-H shows are subject to change.
*University of Illinois Extension requests that current guidelines from the CDC, IDPH, and campus be followed to protect the health of our 4-H community.
- Fully vaccinated people (14 days after final dose) are not required to wear face coverings.
- Face covering for youth under 12 and people who are not fully vaccinated will be required indoors. Masks may be removed outdoors only when it is possible to maintain social distance of at least 6 feet.
*Our 4-H shows will be livestreamed for those that are unable to attend in person. Signs will be posted around the show barns for those that attend that wish to not be viewed on video. Video quality and availability will be determined by internet connection and staff availability.

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