Tree ID Walk

Join Horticulture and Natural Resources Educator, Sarah Vogel, for a Tree ID Walk.  Sarah will help you learn about tree characteristics and improve your tree identification skills.

Sarah Vogel is the Horticulture and Natural Resources educator for DeWitt, Macon, and Piatt Counties. She specializes in annuals and perennials, greenhouse production, landscaping, and urban forest management. She received a bachelor’s degree from SIUC in Forestry with a concentration in recreation management, and a master’s degree from UIUC in Crop Sciences with a concentration in Horticulture. Sarah’s passion is connecting with underserved populations in the community and fostering an appreciation for nature through education.

The walks will take place on Wednesdays at the following locations.

                September 8, 10am – Noon at Lake Charleston Pavilion in Charleston

                September 29, 10am – Noon at General Dacey Trail in Forest Park in Shelbyville

                October 13, 10am – Noon at Walnut Point State Park in Oakland


Registration is required and space is limited. The deadline to register is two dates before the event. Register online (see link at right) or call 217-345-7034.

Be sure to dress for the weather, as this is an outdoor event. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, bring a walking stick, this is a walking tour.

In case of severe weather, this event will be canceled.  If you have any questions please contact Jenny Lee at or call 217-345-7034.