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Family in the kitchen
Promote child independence in the kitchen
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – “As a parent of two kids ages six and nine, I sometimes have to remind myself to stop doing everything for them. Rather it is my job to teach them the important life skills that will set them up for success as they get older and leave the family home,” says Jenna Smith,...
Canned tomatoes
Learn 3 ways to can with confidence
UBBANA, Ill. — One of the best ways to preserve food is canning, a home-based method of food preservation that helps people prolong garden harvests, save on food costs, participate in family traditions, and control the quality of the food they eat. Discover how to can with confidence and...
White-tailed deer standing amongst trees in a grassy area.
Be part of a successful deer donation program
URBANA, Ill. – In response to rising food and meat prices and the challenges food pantries have in obtaining meat, University of Illinois Extension, along with key partners, launched the Illinois Deer Donation Program in 2022. This 12-county pilot program fought food insecurity by matching...
Person holding a knife and fork up to an empty plate.
Addressing food insecurity and its impact on health
URBANA, Ill. – Hunger is a condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the necessary nutrients to lead active and productive lives. Food insecurity, on the other hand, refers to economic and social conditions that limit access to safe and nutritious food in sufficient quantities...
Woman receiving an award
Cairo food donation garden work wins award for community champion
URBANA, Ill. – An Extension employee’s work to fight food insecurity in her community has earned her Extension’s Excellence in Diversity Award. Sarita Sawyer, community outreach worker, has been very instrumental in recruiting diverse volunteers for the Cairo Pilot Food Donation Garden....
5 Extension staff members winning award
Food brings greater understanding to international cultures
URBANA, Ill – A team of Illinois Extension 4-H youth development educators flipped the traditional learning experience with an innovative outreach program that earned the University of Illinois Extension Excellence in Innovation Award. “Culture, Cuisine, Conversation” is a hands-on self-...
Lesa Peterson receiving an award from Extension Director Shelly Nickols-Richardson
Pursuing excellence: Staff named Extension’s best
URBANA, Ill. – University of Illinois Extension serves as a statewide network with a presence in every Illinois county, linking communities, businesses, and the public to the intensive research and resources of the university and its partners. Extension’s 650 staff members live in the...
group of people winning award
Best medicine includes healthy veggies; Macon County garden wins top award
URBANA, Ill. – Healthy food can improve health outcomes. A team of University of Illinois Extension staff in Macon County combined efforts to improve food access for participants in Crossing Healthcare’s Prescription Produce Program. Their efforts earned the team Extension’s...
cup cakes
Tips for entering the cottage food business
URBANA, Ill. — Last year, the Home-to-Market Act, a set of legislative updates to the Cottage Food Law, came into effect in Illinois. Before this legislation passed, food operators could only sell homemade foods...
Extension staff holding deer donation sign
Hunters, meat processors, and food pantries aim to solve hunger
URBANA, Ill. – When food prices are high, everyone takes a hit, including food pantries. But now, a local and widespread source of protein – venison – is making its way from the field onto plates providing 24,500 meals with the help of the...
deer donation program logo in prairie grass
Deer Donation program receives $25,000 to help feed Central Illinois families
URBANA, Ill. – More than a thousand Central Illinois families have been fed this winter thanks to a $25,000 grant from The Lumpkin Family Foundation. The foundation provided the grant to the University of Illinois Extension Deer Donation program in November to help reimburse meat processors....
man looking at preserved food and saurerkraut
Boost gut health with a tangy treat: Make sauerkraut at home
URBANA, Ill. – Probiotic-rich foods can enhance digestion and improve overall gut health. All are produced through fermentation, a food preservation method that has been used for thousands of years to naturally reduce the risk of food spoilage and foodborne illness. Common foods include ...