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Cleaning kitchen, pumpkin season

Add food safety to your fall recipes!

The celebration of Labor Day quickly moves us into the fall season. It's a welcome transition to cooler weather - some even say "sweater weather." Another transition is the expectation of seasonal fall foods. They bring back memories of delicious warm cider, lattes, apples, and meals in the slow...
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baby and mommy

Should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding…it can be tough, but oh so worth it!  August is National Breastfeeding month and a wonderful time to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding.  As a new mom, nearly 16 years ago now, I was fortunate that through my education as a Registered Dietitian, I felt confident in...
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Glass top stove built into counter top, with plant near by and water facet for sink

Should I use my ceramic cooktop when canning?

Canning season is in full swing, and a common question I get asked each year is, "Can I use my glass or ceramic cooktop when canning?” To answer this question, begin by contacting your cooktop manufacturer to find out what they recommend. But then I want you to ask yourself, "Is it a...
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Hands on an African American family raising glasses in a toast over a table of summer foods

3 reasons to add summer color to your recipes

Gardens, farmers markets, and stores are benefiting from the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available during summer months. And summertime brings the best colors of produce! Eating different colors helps meet nutrition needs No fruit or vegetable has the same mix of vitamins and minerals....
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Four images. Image one - three varieties of asparagus: white, purple, and green. Image two a basket of green asparagus, image three washing green asparagus under running water, and image four, a plate with asparagus, salmon, and cherry tomatoes.

Asparagus: A tasty spring favorite

One vegetable that is notably present in grocery stores across the nation each spring is asparagus. Although asparagus can be found year-round, the peak availability of this perennial vegetable is in the spring. This vegetable has long slender, brightly colored spears with pointy crowns. The color...
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Margarine - fat

Functions of fats in the kitchen

Butter, margarine, and oil are all types of fat used in the kitchen. Whether it's baking, stir-frying, cooking, or using as a spread, fat plays a role in the American diet. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting saturated fat to less than 10% of total calories. Saturated...
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images of beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas

Eating more plant-based proteins

Plant-based diets are becoming more popular The 2023 National Nutrition Month campaign encourages people to eat with the environment in mind and to consume more plant-based foods. This means meat is seen rather as a sidekick than a main attraction. With plants being the center of...
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images of foods used in baking as egg replacements

Egg substitutes when baking

No eggs? No Problem! You can use a variety of other foods when cooking and baking. It’s good to know how much egg substitute you need when replacing eggs in your recipe. 1 egg is roughly 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons/2oz) so you need to replace that volume in your recipe. Depending upon the recipe and...
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Bag of Flour with Question Mark

Is canning flour safe?

During gardening season, Americans home can fruit and vegetables to store them at room temperature and enjoy them throughout the year. Fruits and vegetables go bad much quicker than dry ingredients such as flour, but how long can flour be stored, and is it safe for home canning like fresh produce?...
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