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Live Well. Eat Well. 2020

mindful eating for health

An evidence-based look at mindful eating and health management

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, known for founding the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, defines mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally (1).”  Mindfulness may be practiced anytime, including while eating.  Mindful...
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gifts from the kitchen including pomander balls, chai, homemade tea bags and roasted nuts

Holiday DIY: Gifts from the kitchen

When I think about the holidays, I think about getting crafty in the kitchen. Making food-related gifts for friends and family is a fun way to share your creative side and put a personal touch on the holiday season. In the past I have gifted home-preserved cranberry-orange chutney, herb ornaments,...
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turkey dinner

Enjoy the holidays with these easy tips!

Have you always brought dessert to the holiday gathering? Maybe you are not used to preparing a full meal, but this year may be different. Enjoy the holidays with a new twist this year. If you are cooking a full meal for the first time – You can do it! This can be a daunting task. Plan and...
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oat-based recipes including overnight oats, savory oats, and oatmeal bars.

5 wholesome ways to add more oats to your day

Oats can be found in many cultural dishes such as Scotland’s haggis and Muesli from the Swiss. Oats have been a popular addition to many recipes and a staple food source for centuries. Oats are an extremely versatile whole grain and can be added to many recipes, from breakfast to beverages. Here...
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Apple Pie Filling in Mason Jars

Canning Pie Filling? Do you have Clear Jel®?

It’s apple season! The leaves are changing colors, and your local orchards are filled with apples. Drying apples for chips, freezing apples, and canning apple pie filling are all great ways to enjoy fall flavors all year round! Extension offices have received numerous calls asking for safe canning...
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Nutrition and Pumpkins

Pumpkin, a fall favorite

Whether used in a savory soup, added to quick breads, or your beloved family pie, pumpkins are a fall favorite for many, and very versatile. This fruit is packed full of key nutrients our bodies need. Yes, I said fruit. Fun fact, although pumpkins have a nutritional profile like that of a...
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Handwashing, there’s an app for that!

Track your activity, sleep, and now handwashing. Yes, there’s an app for that! Handwashing can be a challenge. In today’s world, you can enlist the assistance of an app for handwashing direction and detection. Handwashing apps are available for download to your smartphones through the app store....
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Image of family surrounded by images related to a healthy lifestyle

Success is found in your daily routine

Although we know developing healthy routines and daily habits are beneficial, their true worth is often overlooked. However, these incredibly important aspects of daily life have significant influence on our long-term quality of life. With Americans living longer, it is more important than ever we...
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plant based protein options

Power up with plant protein

More interest has surrounded meat alternatives and reducing the use of animal products recently. One concern about meat alternatives is they may not provide enough protein to meet protein needs. However, that is not the case. Plant proteins can be excellent sources of protein. Plant proteins are...
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photo of tomatoes

Enjoy your tomatoes all year

It’s almost tomato time! As I look at my raised garden bed, I am patiently waiting on my cherry, Rutgers, and Early Girl tomato plants to ripen. I plan to can pint jars of tomatoes that are perfect for making spaghetti sauce and chili, dehydrate tomatoes when I don’t have enough ready to can, roast...
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Blanching broccoli for freezing

Freezing your summer harvest

Freezing has many benefits. It maintains the fresh flavor, natural color, and nutritional value better than canning or dehydrating. Plus, it is easy, convenient and requires less time compared to other food preservation methods. Making it an excellent way to preserve the summer harvest. To...
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Photo of pregnant woman

What to eat and avoid during pregnancy

Making healthy food choices will help you and your baby’s overall health. What you eat during pregnancy can affect your growing baby. Choosing nutritious foods will help ensure your baby has the best start in life. Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy and...
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Variety of Apples

Which apple works best for preserving

There are over 7,500 different varieties of apples worldwide. In the United States, 2,500 different types of apples are available. Apples are grown in all 50 states. For the first time in 50 years, the Gala apple beat out Red Delicious as America’s favorite apple. Did you know the Illinois state...
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slicing apples

How do I stop my apples from turning brown?

Apples are a fruit available all year, but taste the best when freshly picked from a local orchard or picked up at a farmers markets in the fall. Whether making apple butter, sauce, pie, salad, drying, freezing, canning, or cutting them up to snack on later, one universal struggle is slicing them...
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Apples on a cutting board

Fill your pantry with apples!

Are you patiently waiting for the apple season? The abundance of apples may come from an apple tree, a visit to the orchard or a local farmers market, or your local market. Right now in Illinois, the hot summer sun is preparing this delicious fruit for the harvest season. Many apple varieties are...
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Working at home on your laptop

Breaking up with our sitting time

Are you spending too much time sitting at your desk these days? This is true for many who have been working at home for the last few months. It’s important to take a break and step away from the computer, literally! Take a walk, take a break from the sitting time, you will feel better. Is it time...
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photo of pickles

Pickling is old tradition with new appeal

Sour, sweet, bread and butter, Kosher dills, spears, chips, sliced on a sandwich, or as a snack or side dish. Pickles are everywhere! Pickling is an ancient form of food preservation, dating back to 2030 B.C. when cucumbers from India were pickled in the Tigris Valley. The word “pickle” comes from...
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photo of jellies

Make your own jams and jellies

This summer is the perfect time to resurrect the time-honored practice of making jams and jellies. Many of us are able to spend more time at home and family schedules are more flexible. Maybe you planted a garden or have access to a farmers market. If you are a novice to food preservation, jam is...
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healthy immune system from eating fruits and vegetables

Don’t believe everything you read, except this

Psssst…. Did you hear? Word on the street is that pineapple juice is a cure for the COVID-19 virus! Is that true? Can you reduce your risk of getting sick by choosing specific foods? Well, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is the...
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