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Welcome to Grundy County 4-H!

Grundy 4-H isn't just another extracurricular activity; it's a journey packed with hands-on activities, positive relationships, and the opportunity to chart your own course!  Whether you aspire to lead in a club, your school, or your community, or just hone your artistic skills, we are here to support your dreams and aspirations.  We call that finding your spark - And we are here to help!

Whether you prefer regular monthly meetings or flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy life, we've got you covered. In Grundy 4-H, you're the architect of your involvement, shaping your 4-H experience around your passions and interests. So what are you waiting for?!

Activities for your family:

Pizza night? Three activities to do with a pizza box!

You just finished Pizza night and you've got empty pizza boxes...WAIT!  Don't throw it away yet!  Turn up the fun with three cool ways you can turn your pizza box into even more fun:

Adult supervision required.  Any resources linked below are provided for educational purposes only - do your own research.

Pizza Box Solar Oven

How do smores sound??  Did you know you can turn your pizza box into a smores oven?  It's true!  Use the power of the sun and a pizza box (with a few other household materials) to make delicious smores!

Make a Solar Oven

Interested in this?  Learn more about:

Food Science!

Pizza Box Soccer Field

Ok.  This might be a bit corny...but do not underestimate how much fun it is!  Build your soccer pitch using just a pizza box and decorate as needed - don't forget to put in goal posts and field lines!  Next, recruit your players, give each player a straw to blow through and use a cotton ball for a soccer ball.  Cue the hilarity and fun! Below is a video on how it works!

Play Soccer

Into Football instead?  Make a football field!

Interested in this?  Learn more about:

Tinkering with items: Maker  Using your imagination

Pizza Box easel 

If you have a pizza box, a couple of straws, and a bit of cardboard, tape or hot can make a pretty snazzy easel!  Tell your kids to experiment and try a few different ways on how to make this work.  For one option, check out the video below!

Watch the video

Interested in this?  Learn more about:

More in Chalk/Carbon/Pigment Art!


There's more where this came from!  Bring family time to the next level by learning more about 4-H!  Scroll down for more information!

Where will your 4-H journey take you?

Fairs & Clubs

2021 State Fair Results - Grundy County

Congratulations to all of our state fair representatives from Grundy County!  Great job everyone!!!

State Fair Results for Grundy County

Grundy County 2022 Fairbook

Grundy County 4-H Clubs

We are proud to have so many diverse 4-H clubs here in Grundy County - from environmental focus to community service and horses - there's something for everyone!  Below is a list of our clubs that meet on a regular basis.  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.  If you can't find a club that's right for you, there are plenty of other options for you to participate in 4-H!  We have school and after school programs, events, one-time programs and so much more.  Please reach out to our staff and let us know if you have any questions.  We're here to help!   Educator Shannon Range, or EPC (Extension Program Coordinator Brooke Baker,

4-H Clubs in Grundy County 

Want more information on clubs or would you like the club leader to contact you?  Fill out this short form to get in touch with 4-H clubs! After you submit this form, your information will be passed onto our background-checked club leader(s) for the club(s) you indicate interest in.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards General Information

Awards for Individual Members

Illinois 4-H Scholarship - Recognition via a $1,000 scholarship to individuals who have demonstrated a high standard of excellence and mastery as a 4-H member.  Open to current 4-H members15-18 years old as of September 1, 2021 who have been in the program for at least 2 years.  See state site for details and rules. Sponsored by Illinois 4-H Foundation.

  • Application
  • Deadline to state office November 1
  • More information and links to reference forms from state office
  • Award winners will be listed here once they are available.

4-H EXPERIENCE Level Recognition for Individuals - Recognition for individuals who participate in a variety of experiences in programs and activities, community service, leadership and project learning.  Bronze, silver & gold winners receive local recognition.  Diamond & emerald award winners are honored at a state awards ceremony in the fall.  Unlimited awards.

  • 4-H Experience Award application 
  • Due to Extension office on TBD
  • Due to state 4-H office 5pm November 1 (submitted by Extension office staff to state)
  • Award winners will be listed here once they are available.

Holstein-Friesian Association Award - Recognition for members enrolled in the Dairy project and exhibit Holstein dairy animals at the county 4-H show.  Sponsored by the Illinois Holstein-Friesian Association.

  • Application coming soon
  • Due to Extension office on TBD
  • Due to state 4-H office September 15 (submitted by Extension office staff to state)
  • Award winners will be listed here once they are available.

Illinois 4-H Electricity Achievement Award - Recognition for members who excel in the electricity project.  Sponsored by the Energy Education Council.

  • Application
  • Due to Extension office September 15
  • Due to state 4-H office September 15 (notification by Extension office staff to state)
  • Award winners will be listed here once they are available.

Awards for Clubs

4-H EXCEL Level Recognition for Clubs - Recognition for clubs displaying excellence in community service, leadership, and project learning. 

  • Application 
  • Due to Extension office on TBD
  • Due to state 4-H office 5pm October 1 (submitted by Extension office staff to state)
  • Award winners will be listed here once they are available.
News & Events

What's New in Grundy County?

**For the most up-to-date programs in 4-H, please see our Events page and filter by 4-H Youth Development.

  • Around the World in 30 Days - Open Enrollment.  Join us as we go Around the World in 30 days!  Families will be provided with a 30-day calendar full of activities to do as family or an individual. Activities may include the arts, cooking, geography, games, nature & wildlife, music, and a deep dive into the country’s culture.  Some activities may require commonly found household supplies and others only a computer.  More information and register online. View FLYER online.

  • Family Fun: Hiking Scavenger Hunt / Nature Bingo - Open Enrollment - Challenge your friends, families and 4-H clubs for a month-long 4-H Family Fun Hiking Scavenger Hunt (“Nature Bingo”) where youth and their families will be challenged to get out and explore their local natural areas through hiking and completing a scavenger hunt (aka “Nature Bingo”). Not only will this be a great way to spend time in nature with your families but also get some exercise - you won’t even realize you’re exercising since you’ll be looking for nature bingo items!  More information and register onlineView FLYER online.

Educator Newsletter

Bi-Weekly Newsletter for Grundy, Kankakee & Will (GKW, Unit 9)





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