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4-H - It's the place where young people discover their passions and find their spark, igniting a flame of inspiration that fuels their dreams. Through hands-on projects and engaging activities, 4-H empowers youth with the tools and skills they need to turn their dreams into reality. From robotics, to agriculture, painting to computer science, there is something for everyone!

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Activities for your family:

Pizza night? Three activities to do with a pizza box!

You just finished Pizza night and you've got empty pizza boxes...WAIT!  Don't throw it away yet!  Turn up the fun with three cool ways you can turn your pizza box into even more fun:

Adult supervision required.  Any resources linked below are provided for educational purposes only - do your own research.

Pizza Box Solar Oven

How do smores sound??  Did you know you can turn your pizza box into a smores oven?  It's true!  Use the power of the sun and a pizza box (with a few other household materials) to make delicious smores!

Make a Solar Oven

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Food Science!

Pizza Box Soccer Field

Ok.  This might be a bit corny...but do not underestimate how much fun it is!  Build your soccer pitch using just a pizza box and decorate as needed - don't forget to put in goal posts and field lines!  Next, recruit your players, give each player a straw to blow through and use a cotton ball for a soccer ball.  Cue the hilarity and fun! Below is a video on how it works!

Play Soccer

Into Football instead?  Make a football field!

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Tinkering with items: Maker  Using your imagination

Pizza Box easel 

If you have a pizza box, a couple of straws, and a bit of cardboard, tape or hot glue...you can make a pretty snazzy easel!  Tell your kids to experiment and try a few different ways on how to make this work.  For one option, check out the video below!

Watch the video

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