What's it like in 4-H in Kankakee? 

From learning and having in person experiences with wildlife (think snakes and turtles), creating a solar-powered wind turbine and learning how to “survive” in the wild to baking cakes, creating stories with photographs and becoming a Teen Teacher, Kankakee 4-H has activities to keep you busy year round.  Interested in becoming a leader in a club, your school or community?  We can help!  Want to be a part of a 4-H club in which you can meet monthly or whenever your schedule allows?  We have that.  Don’t have time to meet regularly but still want to participate in leadership and learning opportunities and outdoor adventures?  Check!  We can help with that too!  Are you a homeschooler that wants to add variety to your learning opportunities?  Our educator has a science background and can help with school programs. In Kankakee 4-H, you decide your level of involvement with programs, clubs, and a wide variety of topics and projects that interest you. You make 4-H what you want it to be.   Don’t forget, in 4-H, you also have an important role in making your community a better place, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a club, you’ll figure out what’s needed most in your neighborhood and find ways to help. 

In 4-H, you’re part of our 4-H family that works together to accomplish amazing things!  At club meetings, you’ll learn how to get along with others as you build your communication and teamwork skills as well as participate in community service projects. You’ll meet adult leaders and other youth who care about you and want to help you succeed. We will match you with mentors who will coach you in areas like problem solving, communicating, and teamwork. We’ll introduce you to potential careers and help you develop a plan to success.  We hope you will join us on new and challenging adventures in Kankakee 4-H!