Edwards County Earth Day Challenge-A huge success!

The Earth Day Challenge was a huge success! There were a total of six 4-H youth who participated in this Clean-Up Community Service Project. I would like to thank Hayley Perry, Hannah Perry, Owen Lynch, Cooper Lynch, and Brier Lynch for picking up trash near their homes. I am ecstatic to see 4-H youth staying active in 4-H and their community.

Our members learned that people litter more than we realize. As members were walking on the roads near their home, they found that they were filling up their trash bags and side-by-sides faster than they could get the road looking nice. Some of the most common items found were beer cans, water bottles, and Casey's cups.

Some tips from our 4-H members:
1. Don't drink and drive
2. Throw away your trash
3. Do not put trash in the back of your truck, because it flies out when you drive. This essentially is just like you putting it directly on the ground when you are finished with the item.

Just a reminder to anyone who completed the Earth Day Challenge: Be sure to put this down in your records in the Community Service category.

4-H Ambassadors and senior members are trying our best to find ways to stay active with members and in our community. If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact Debra Collier, a 4-H leader, or a 4-H member. You may also contact the Ellery Panthers 4-H Club at ellerypanthers4h@gmail.com.

I pray all are doing well and can find ways to stay connected with their community.