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Geology Exploration at Millstone Bluff

Group of 4-Hers stand around a large rock in forest

On November 4, 2023, Unit 24 4-Hers had the unique opportunity to learn about geological layers and explore for fossils at Millstone Bluff and Millstone Lake. This informative session was led by Joe Devera, a Paleontologist associated with the Illinois State Geological Survey. The event aimed to foster a greater understanding of the geological history of the area and encouraged attendees to engage in hands-on exploration and learning.

The event commenced with a brief educational presentation by Joe Devera, who provided valuable insights into the geological formations and history of Millstone Bluff and Millstone Lake. Attendees were introduced to the significance of these sites in the context of geological research.

Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to explore the areas surrounding Millstone Bluff and Millstone Lake in search of fossils. Joe Devera guided them in identifying and understanding these ancient remnants, emphasizing their role in reconstructing the region's geological history.

The event encouraged active engagement from attendees and the 4-Hers took advantage of the opportunity, bringing their curiosity, questions, and rock specimens for identification and discussion.


A boy inspects rocks for fossils
4-H Youth inspect dry lake bed for fossils
4-H Youth and Instructor search for fossils near rock formation
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