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Hard work and dedication showcased at youth livestock exhibition in Warren County

Hard work, quality care, and dedication paid off as 4-H members in Warren County showcased their animals at this year's Warren County Fair. These events provide an opportunity for youth to display sportsmanship and exude confidence as they showed the "best of the best" during the annual livestock and animal shows.

4-H youth who raise beef, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits, and poultry for their annual projects also had the opportunity to participate in the livestock auction and participants receive the full proceeds from the sale of their livestock.

The results of the Warren County livestock and animal shows are:

Beef Show
Charlie Thurman, Champion Angus Heifer
Tanner Klockenga, Reserve Champion Angus Heifer
Cailyn Nelson, Champion Hereford Heifer
Klaire Anderson, Champion Shorthorn Heifer
Mackenzie Upton, Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer
Maci Brooks, Champion Simmental Heifer
Tanner Klockenga, Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer
Maci Brooks, Champion AOB
Peyton Schmalshof, Reserve Champion AOB
Lindy Kane, Champion Crossbred Heifer
McKay Grohmann, Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer
Maci Brooks, Grand Champion Heifer
Lindy Kane, Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
Sydney Emerick, Champion Lightweight Steer
Miya Alderson-Thomas, Reserve Champion Lightweight Steer
Mackenzie Upton, Champion Middleweight Steer
Angel Craver, Reserve Champion Middleweight Steer
Addyson Bradshaw, Champion Heavyweight Steer
Maci Brooks, Reserve Champion Heavyweight Steer
Mackenzie Upton, Champion Rate of Gain
Sydney Emerick and Keston Grohmann, Reserve Champion Rate of Gain
Sydney Emerick, Grand Champion Steer
Addyson Bradshaw, Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Lindy Kane, Junior Showmanship
Addyson Bradshaw, Senior Showmanship
Tanner Klockenga, Advanced Showmanship

Goat Show
Katie Douglas, Champion Dairy Doe
Katie Douglas, Reserve Champion Dairy Doe
Katie Douglas, Champion Dairy Wether
McKay Grohmann, Champion Meat Doe
McKay Grohmann, Reserve Champion Meat Doe
McKay Grohmann, Grand Champion Doe
McKay Grohmann, Reserve Grand Champion Doe
Carly Perry, Grand Champion Market Goat
Christian Keenan, Reserve Champion Market Goat
Carly Perry, Junior Showmanship
Keston Grohmann, Senior Showmanship
McKay Grohmann, Advanced Showmanship

Poultry Show
Aubrey Killey, Champion Male
Aubrey Killey, Champion Female
Aubrey Killey, Grand Champion Poultry
Kenna Tatman, Junior Showmanship
Aubrey Killey, Advanced Showmanship

Rabbit Show
Katie Douglas, Champion Fancy Doe
Danica Lambert, Reserve Champion Fancy Doe
Danica Lambert, Champion Fancy Buck
Ethan Elswick, Champion Commercial Buck
Danica Lambert, Reserve Champion Commercial Buck
Danica Lambert, Champion Commercial Doe
Danica Lambert, Grand Champion Buck
Ethan Elswick, Reserve Grand Champion Buck
Danica Lambert, Grand Champion Doe
Katie Douglas, Reserve Grand Champion Doe
Danica Lambert, Junior Showmanship
Katie Douglas, Senior Showmanship
Ethan Elswick, Advanced Showmanship

Sheep Show
Colton Russell, Champion Crossbred Ewe
Kaden Russell, Reserve Champion Crossbred Ewe
Logan Corzatt, Champion Hampshire Ewe
Logan Corzatt, Reserve Champion Hampshire Ewe
McKay Grohmann, Champion Shropshire Ewe
Keston Grohmann, Reserve Champion Shropshire Ewe
Keston Grohmann, Champion Suffolk Ewe
Keston Grohmann, Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe
Mallory Corzatt, Champion Ram Lamb
Mallory Corzatt, Champion Breeding Pen
Danica Lambert, Reserve Champion Breeding Pen
Colton Russell, Grand Champion Ewe
Kaden Russell, Reserve Grand Champion Ewe
Mallory Corzatt, Champion Lightweight Wether
Logan Corzatt, Reserve Champion Lightweight Wether
Logan Corzatt Champion Midweight Wether
Colton Russell, Reserve Midweight Wether
Kaden Russell, Champion Heavyweight Wether
Sophie Russell, Reserve Champion Heavyweight Wether
Mallory Corzatt, Champion Market Pair
Kayne Bayless, Reserve Champion Market Pair
Logan Corzatt, Grand Champion Market Lamb
Colton Russell, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb
Peyton Schmalshof, Junior Showmanship
Mallory Corzatt, Senior Showmanship
Kaden Russell, Advanced Showmanship

Swine Show
Kelton Ryan, Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Aubrey Killey, Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Kelton Ryan, Champion Crossbred Gilt
Addyson Ryan, Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt
Aubrey Killey, Champion Gilt Litter
Kelton Ryan, Grand Champion Gilt
Kelton Ryan, Reserve Grand Champion Gilt
Emma Coursey, Champion Lightweight Barrow
Ada Kunkle, Reserve Champion Lightweight Barrow
Paxton Ryan, Champion Midweight Barrow
Ada Kunkle, Reserve Champion Midweight Barrow
Addyson Ryan, Champion Heavyweight Barrow
Paxton Ryan, Reserve Champion Heavyweight Barrow
Paxton Ryan, Champion Pair of Barrows
Aubrey Killey, Reserve Champion Pair of Barrows
Addyson Ryan, Grand Champion Barrow
Paxton Ryan, Reserve Grand Champion Barrow
Rhykerd Greer and Paxton Ryan, Junior Showmanship
Aubrey Killey, Advanced Showmanship

To learn more about 4-H experiences in Warren County, visit our website or contact the University of Illinois Extension office.

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