4-H Youth Development


4-H is a place where you find a place to belong. It's where you decide what matters to you, learn about things that interest you, and where you serve in the community where you live.

  • Create and build things. Whether you're inspired by robots and drones or photography and recipe cards, our programs give you the tools and the opportunities to create, imagine, and build. 
  • Travel and see the world around you. In 4-H, you can travel across the state and around the world if that's what you're in to. Dream big and discover the world through our programs. 
  • Explore careers that interest you. In 4-H, career exploration is more than just reading about possible jobs, it involves rolling up your sleeves and trying it on for size. 
  • Make new friends. From clubs to camps to field trips, in 4-H you'll meet new people and experience new social and cultural events. It's pretty easy to form lasting friendships when they're based on shared interests and experiences. 
  • Teach and inspire kids. 4-H helps prepare youth for roles as leaders in their classrooms, communities, and future careers. We'll help you develop the skills you need to work with youth in your community and help them launch their own 4-H journey. 
  • Help others. A core aspect of 4-H is learning to serve with and for those around us. 4-H clubs create opportunities for members to find meaningful ways to impact the people and neighborhoods they live in. 


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Upcoming Contests

Holiday Greeting Card-Front contest

All 4-H members are invited to design a holiday greeting card-front. The top two designs in each age-category will be dispersed to area nursing homes and/or businesses in December and January.  Check out the flyer and rules of the contest.

Printable AJMPU 4-H Coloring and Activity Sheets

Warm Up to 4-H
Snowflake Coloring Sheet
I Love 4-H

What's happening?

February 19 | Can Construction Food Drive Event | Shawnee Community College 
February 19 | AJMPU 4-H Public Speaking Exhibition| Shawnee Community College  | 5 P.M.
March 6-7 | Welcome to the Real World | Shawnee Community College  | 9:30 A.M. - 2 P.M.
March 23 | International Day and Passport to the World | Shawnee Community College  | Noon - 4 P.M.