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Whether you're managing your family's farm or you're an avid supporter of greenspaces in urban areas, interest in expanding our understanding of the natural environment has never been higher. With an increased focus on sustainability, safety, and innovation, what we know about shepherding our energy and environmental resources has evolved rapidly in the past decade. If you've got questions about best practices in environmental stewardship, you'll appreciate that our information is based on peer-reviewed science - the gold standard in determining the credibility and reliability of information.

Featured Resources

Big Bluestream grass

Grasses at a Glance

If you have ever wondered how many different grasses there are then read our blog to learn more about them.

Illinois Extension Forestry

Illinois Extension Forestry provides programming for forest landowners to help them maintain their forest from beginners to experienced and everything in between.
a person holding a colorful globe and someone holding a tree planted in soil

Everyday Environment

Learn more on how you can help the environment for future generations to enjoy by visiting the Everyday Environment webinar series where you will learn about a different topic each month.
mushrooms on forest floor with brown leaves

Grow Specialty Mushrooms

Learn more about how to grow your own mushrooms from the variety you want to the regulations that follow.

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