Nutrition Education

Illinois Nutrition Education Programs provide nutrition education to individuals and families in communities around the state of Illinois. This program is provided as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education.

By providing easy solutions through in-person lessons and online resources, this program makes the healthy choice an easy choice where families eat, learn, live, shop, and play. Programs are based on current research and engage learners in practical, hands-on classes and activities.

Program staff also partner with local organizations as part of the overall effort to promote healthier settings and food choices. By focusing on improving food access, increasing the likelihood of healthy choices, and helping families save more money, we are making a difference in the lives of Illinois families and their communities.


Check out Local Foods Purchasing Assistance Program's website to learn more about what it is and how you can be a part of it. 


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Eat. Move. Save.

Learn more about Eat Move Save and helpful tips on recipes, physical activity, and saving money at the grocery store.
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Newsletter sign-up

Do you want to learn more about healthy eating, physical activity, and saving money? Sign up for a monthly newsletter or healthy texts with recipes, tips, and fun ideas.
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Healthy Recipe Video Series

Incorporate a quick and easy recipe into your diet today by watching our INEP staff prepare these delicious recipes.
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Learn more about shopping for produce from Eat. Move. Save.
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Learn how your organization can help with food insecurity in southern Illinois. Register today for the upcoming Food Security Summit.
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Learn more about food and nutrition resources.

Nutrition Education Resources

Illinois Extension provides many resources for nutritional education for your classrooms and family.