4-H in Edgar County


In Edgar County, we offer more than a dozen 4-H clubs and 80 projects for youth to choose from.

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QAEC Online Training - Must be completed by first-year members exhibiting in dogs, cats, poultry, rabbits & horses

YQCA Online Training - Members enrolled in dairy and beef cattle, swine, sheep, and goats must take the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals certification annually. As of March 2022, the new website is yqcaprogram.org. All families must create a new account on the new website. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a new account. 4-H'ers can choose to complete the online training ($12) or attend the in-person training ($3) on May 24, 2022, at 6 PM at the Edgar County 4-H Fairgrounds. All registrations and payments are handled through the YQCA website, not the Extension Office. 

Cooking 101 Book | Cooking 201 Book | Cooking 301 Book | Cooking 401 Book


Record-keeping is an important part of 4-H!  It is a way to keep notes about what you have learned and accomplished during the past year and helps you to set goals for the upcoming year.  It also is a way to let others know what you have accomplished and assist you in the award-selection process as well as have a complete record of your activity for future use on award applications, scholarship and college applications. 

4-H’ers should submit the following forms:

 My Illinois 4-H Experiences Recognition Application

Based on your number of experiences in participation, community service, leadership and project learning, achieve one of these five levels:

  1. Bronze Clover – 1 experience in each dimension
  2. Silver Clover – 2 experiences in each dimension, at least 2 at the county level or beyond
  3. Gold Clover – 4 experiences in each dimension, at least 2 beyond the county level
  4. Diamond Clover – 6 or more experiences in one dimension, at least 4 beyond the county level
  5. Emerald Clover – 8 or more experiences in one dimension, at least 4 beyond the county level, plus at least 2 at the state or national level (will not be available for recognition in the Participation dimension. 

Click here 4-H Experience Application for a PDF fillable form.  The Experiences Recognition Awards will be presented at a county recognition event. 

 Edgar County 4-H Award

Second year members and above are encouraged to submit an awards application.

Click here Edgar County 4-H Award Application for a PDF fillable form.


Outstanding Livestock Record Award 

All 4-H’ers with an animal project are encouraged to complete a livestock record.  An award will be presented to 4-H’er with the most outstanding livestock record at a county recognition event.

Click here Livestock Record to print out this form.

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