4-H Spark Series


For the 2023-2024 4-H year, we will bring you a new series of 4-H project explorations. There are 2 parts: Part 1 is at-home challenges related to the designated 4-H project members will complete on their own. Part 2 is in-person workshops featuring the same highlighted 4-H project. This Spark Series will run each month until June 2024. If a 4-H member participates in either the at-home or in-person workshop each month, they will be entered into a drawing to earn a scholarship to attend a State 4-H event of their choosing the following 4-H year.

2023-2024 Workshop Calendar
September - Shopping in Style
October - Wildlife
November - Electricity
January - Civic Engagement
February - Interior Design
March - Intercultural (Passport to the World)
April - Child Development
May - Photography
June - Year End Culmination: Cake Decorating, Cooking, Entomology, Floriculture, Weather



February Workshop - Interior Design

Join us in February for an interior design workshop! Youth will create their own textured wall hanging they will take home that compliments an aesthetic they are trying to create. Supplies will be provided.

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Interior Design At-Home Challenge

This month's at-home challenge is to re-purpose an item in your house! You could color an old lampshade or redo your dresser. The possibilities are endless!

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