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From food safety to nutrition to chronic disease prevention and management, Illinois Extension is committed to helping individuals and families live the best versions of their lives. A variety of health and wellness programs and training opportunities are available for community groups, childcare providers, school food service and employers interested in worksite-wellness programs. 


Kitchen Question?

Not sure how long you can keep eggs? How long to thaw a turkey? Or what to do with refrigerated food after a power outage?
Submit your question here for research-based answers you can trust. 


Request a Class 

Interested in setting up a class, training or work-site wellness program? Please submit this form to the Nutrition and Wellness Educator Caitlin Mellendorf or call 217-877-6042. Or reach out to one of our educators around the state to learn more.

Meals for a Healthy Heart
Diet and lifestyle can help manage high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I On Diabetes
Talk about diabetes prevention and management, and practice meal planning.

Yes! You Can
Learn how to preserve food from canning to freezing to dehydration.

Certified Food Protection Manager Training
Food service staff can gain the minimum classroom
work needed to sit for the national certification exam.

Putting Wellness to Work
Teach employees about health and wellness topics for navigating healthy lifestyles.

Childcare Providers
Continuing education through Gateways for childcare providers.

ABCs of School Nutrition
Free training for school food service staff on a variety
of topics for USDA required continuing education.

Best Bang for Your Food Buck
Save money on your food bill through meal planning and smart shopping.

Cooking for 1 or 2 
Plan meals, shop and cook nutritious meals for yourself and someone else.

Balancing Better Bites 
Learn ways to snack healthier between meals.

Meals for Diabetes 
Discuss meal planning for diabetes.

Bringing Back the Basics 
Try your hand at making something new!
Classes: Salsa Making, Cheese Making, Freezer Meals, Quick Breads.

Through the Aisles Tour 
Take a tour of a grocery store for tips on healthy shopping and meal planning.

Bring Your Goals to Life 
Set achievable goals for your health and discuss ways to reach them in a support group setting.
Return in 6 months to celebrate your successes.

Dining Out Without Filling Out 
Identify healthier meal choices and substitutions for when you eat out.