The Fruit Dabblers in conjunction with the University of Illinois Logan-Menard-Sangamon Unit will host an Introduction to Grafting Workshop. 

The class will be held on Tuesday, February 25, from 6 to 9 pm at the Extension Office located at 700 South Airport Drive, Springfield, IL.  The fee for the session will be $5. Pre-registration is required. Questions, contact the Extension Office at (217) 782-4617. This session will be limited to 30 attendees.

Topics that will be discussed along with hands on demonstration of how to perform several types of grafts: Reasons for Grafting; Techniques of grafts (bud graft, whip graft, bench graft, cleft graft, side graft, stub graft); Time of year different techniques of grafts can be used; What can be grafted and when is the best time to collect scion wood for grafts; How to prepare and store scion wood for subsequent grafting; Tools and supplies needed for grafting and where to find them; Types of root stock; Where to obtain root stock; and Suggested additional reading/reference material.

Program Areas
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6:00 p.m.
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700 S. Airport Drive, Springfield, IL 62707