Pretzel City Kitchens

Pretzel City Kitchens will support the local/regional food economy, food entrepreneurs, and specialty crop growers, helping meet the estimated $10 billion unmet demand for local foods in Illinois alone.

Project Goals

This project, and others like it in Illinois and across the country, sparks collaboration among organizers and stakeholders because it helps advance shared goals, including:

  • Local and Regional Economic Development – support start-up and growing food businesses and specialty crop farmers. Support job training for the unemployed and under-employed.
  • Food Security – provide critical infrastructure needed to support more local and regional food production and consumption, reducing dependence on the global supply chain.
  • Downtown Reinvestment – put Stephenson County and Freeport on the map as a culinary destination, providing locally produced food for area restaurants and supporting start-up businesses that could invest in downtown Freeport.
  • Health and Wellness – increase access to fresh, healthy foods and culinary education, including food handling classes
  • Youth Development – build partnerships with youth-serving agencies to promote food-related entrepreneurship, culinary education, and general life skills.

Planned Services

  • Affordable, certified space available to rent by the hour
  • Support to help entrepreneurs move from recipes and ideas to production and sales
  • Dry and cold storage space
  • Classroom and demonstration space
  • Space to showcase and sell local/regional products
  • Education, training, and business networking opportunities

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