Pasture Management Series


Timely early-season rains, which help start crops off reasonably well, gave way to hot, dry conditions for the last half of the season. This resulted in many area pastures and hayfields ending the growing season in rough, beatdown conditions.  Add to the short hay supply; spring 2024 will likely start with much demand for forages. Will the pastures and hay fields spring back to meet the demand?  Are there management strategies that could make the most of available forages? 

Rockford 2024

Stateline Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference


University of Illinois Extension is excited to present the 28th Annual Stateline Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference at NIU-Rockford in Rockford, Illinois. This conference addresses common issues facing fruit and vegetable growers, hoping to provide the most up-to-date information to ensure a successful growing season and business.

Monday, February 19, 2024 at NIU-Rockford, 8500 E State Street, Rockford, Illinois

Farm Forward: Turning Last Season's Challenges into Next Seasons' Triumphs

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