Carroll County 4H Members Top 10 at the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

World Dairy Expo 4-H winners
L to R: Coach Wendy Erbsen, Delana Erbsen, Nevin Erbsen, Jacob Raber, Coach Derek Nolan



Illinois 4H claimed 8th place in the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo® in Madison WI. Team members Delana Erbsen, Nevin Erbsen and Jacob Raber were coached by Derek Nolan and Wendy Erbsen. The contest consisted of 10 classes and 5 sets of oral reasons. The team members had to qualify at the state contest held at the Illinois State fair where Delana placed first and Nevin was second. Participating in Dairy Judging provides an excellent opportunity for youth to not only increase their knowledge of evaluating dairy cattle but also develop and hone valuable communication skills that will be useful for a lifetime.







Teams and individuals receiving recognition include:

8th Team – Overall
5th Team - Placings
2nd Team – Holsteins
6th Team – Ayrshires
6th Team  - Jerseys
7th Team – Guernsey

Delana Erbsen (Carroll County):

10th     Overall
9th       Placings
13th     Reasons
4th       Holsteins
7th       Ayrshires

Nevin Erbsen (Carrol County):

32nd   Overall
17th    Placings
9th      Holsteins


A former Carroll County 4-H member, Rachel Scidmore, completed on the University of Illinois team.

Rachel was 14th Overall, 7th in placings, 4th in Ayrshires, 6th in Brown Swiss

Both Delana and Rachel were All-American.