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Sweet Success: 4-H Candy Making Workshop Delights at Hamilton County

Youth in 4-H program dip candy in chocolate as part of workshop.

On November 17th, 2023, the Hamilton County 4-H office transformed into a confectionery wonderland as eager 4-Hers gathered for a festive candy making workshop. The event not only stirred up the holiday spirit but also served as a hands-on learning experience for the young participants, who dove into the world of sweets with enthusiasm and creativity.

The workshop featured a delightful array of candy-making activities, including crafting peanut butter balls, Oreo balls, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more. The young confectioners, armed with aprons and a passion for creating delicious treats, eagerly took on the challenge of making over 5,000 pieces of candy before the holiday season reaches its peak.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, the 4-Hers not only discovered the art of candy making but also learned valuable skills in measurement, hygiene, and teamwork. The workshop provided a unique opportunity for the participants to apply mathematical concepts in a real-world context, as precise measurements were crucial for the success of each sweet creation.

Hygiene practices were emphasized throughout the workshop, instilling in the young candy makers the importance of cleanliness in food preparation. These lessons not only contribute to their culinary skills but also promote a foundation of healthy habits that will serve them well in various aspects of their lives.

Teamwork played a central role in the success of the candy-making venture. From coordinating ingredients to collectively shaping delectable treats, the 4-Hers discovered the power of collaboration. The workshop fostered an environment where everyone's contribution mattered, instilling a sense of responsibility and cooperation among the young participants.

As the workshop progressed, the air in the Hamilton County 4-H office became infused with the sweet aroma of chocolate and the joyous laughter of the young candy creators. The festive atmosphere encouraged a sense of accomplishment and pride in their culinary creations. As the holiday season approaches, the skills and lessons acquired during this workshop will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the budding chefs of the Hamilton County 4-H community.

4-H Coordinator and youth mix candy in a large bowl.
4-H Youth and volunteer measure candy portions.
Two 4-Hers work together to measure and mix candy ingredients.
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