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Red and golden beets with stems and leaves
Read article: Eating beets from root to stalk
Eating beets from root to stalk
How foods are prepared and the part of the food you eat makes a difference in enjoyment. Beets are an excellent example, since we can eat from root...
Slow cooker with kidney beans
Read article: Kidney Beans and Slow Cookers
Kidney Beans and Slow Cookers
Slow cookers, commonly known by one of the brand names Crock-pot®, are a popular kitchen appliance used to make a variety of soups, stews, desserts,...
Cutting board with different types of sliced citrus
Read article: Eat all the varieties of winter citrus
Eat all the varieties of winter citrus
I so enjoy the big variety of citrus that comes to stores in winter. Stocked with more than oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit, I'm seeing...
vegetables at a farmers market
Read article: Everything Local conference strengthens Illinois food supply chain
Everything Local conference strengthens Illinois food supply chain
Illinois producers and agribusiness leaders are increasingly seeking new opportunities to boost local food systems. Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB),...

News Releases

Food handler
Certified Food Protection Manager Course coming to Eureka
EUREKA, Ill. – Illinois regulations require food establishments to have at least one Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) on staff. University of Illinois Extension offers the Food Protection Manager Certification course and examination, which is required every 5 years....
pressure canner tested
Get your pressure canner tested for free by Illinois Extension
URBANA, Ill. — Spring is a great time to take inventory of your canning equipment to prepare for the summer canning season. If you have a dial gauge pressure canner, make it a habit to get it tested by Illinois Extension every year. Various...
A pair of hands stirring a pot as a pan of sausages fries in the foreground.
Local high schools face off in Regional 4-H Food Challenge
URBANA, Ill — Teams from five local high schools gathered in Bevier Hall on the University of Illinois Campus for the Regional 4-H Food Challenge competition on April 12. The 4-H Food Challenge is a competition that promotes teamwork, gives youth experience in public speaking, and promotes...
tan background; various types of meat and vegetables on a grill
Safe Summer Grilling
Summer is right around the corner, and if you haven’t already gotten your grill out, you should consider doing so. Grilling is a great way to keep the kitchen cool and enjoy your favorite summer foods. One of the many benefits of grilling is that it offers endless opportunities. However, to keep...