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Image of jars of jam or jelly spread out on a tabletop
Read article: Make food preservation easy and convenient with steam canners
Make food preservation easy and convenient with steam canners
Now that gardens are being planted, it’s my turn to plant this important seed: how you are going to use the bountiful harvest so that it doesn’t go...
Image of couple in kitchen with a flashlight during power outage
Read article: Keep food and water safe when disaster strikes.
Keep food and water safe when disaster strikes.
Springtime carries chances of severe weather, including thunderstorms, high winds and tornadoes that can lead to power outages and boil orders....
Red rhubarb with large green leaves
Read article: Rhubarb: Select the best
Rhubarb: Select the best
Spring is here, signaling a time for new beginnings as the colder temperatures of winter melt away, ushering in longer days, warmth, and a time of...
Four images. Image one - three varieties of asparagus: white, purple, and green. Image two a basket of green asparagus, image three washing green asparagus under running water, and image four, a plate with asparagus, salmon, and cherry tomatoes.
Read article: Asparagus: A tasty spring favorite
Asparagus: A tasty spring favorite
One vegetable that is notably present in grocery stores across the nation each spring is asparagus. Although asparagus can be found year-round, the...
Image of a variety of fruit jams in jars with a variety of fruit and berries scattered in front of the jars
Read article: Making fresh jam could be easier than you think
Making fresh jam could be easier than you think
As berries start to ripen, mason jars are being gathered and dusted off in preparation for making jam. Unlike jellies, jams include the actual fruit...
eggs in a bowl with egg carton
Read article: EGGS—zactly Right!
EGGS—zactly Right!
Eggs! The wonderful protein –relatively cheap, easy to prepare and versatile! You can poach, boil, coddle, bake or fry them. Fold them into an omelet...
Bag of Flour with Question Mark
Read article: Is canning flour safe?
Is canning flour safe?
During gardening season, Americans home can fruit and vegetables to store them at room temperature and enjoy them throughout the year. Fruits and...
Child eating from lunch box
Read article: Protect the environment and your wallet with waste-free lunches
Protect the environment and your wallet with waste-free lunches
When packing a lunch for school, work or an outing, you may think about nutrition, so you pack an apple and baby carrots. You may also think about...

News Releases

White-tailed deer standing amongst trees in a grassy area.
Be part of a successful deer donation program
URBANA, Ill. – In response to rising food and meat prices and the challenges food pantries have in obtaining meat, University of Illinois Extension, along with key partners, launched the Illinois Deer Donation Program in 2022. This 12-county pilot program fought food insecurity by matching...
Person holding a knife and fork up to an empty plate.
Addressing food insecurity and its impact on health
URBANA, Ill. – Hunger is a condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the necessary nutrients to lead active and productive lives. Food insecurity, on the other hand, refers to economic and social conditions that limit access to safe and nutritious food in sufficient quantities...
Certified Food Protection Manager Course coming to Eureka
EUREKA, Ill. – Illinois regulations require food establishments to have at least one Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) on staff. University of Illinois Extension offers the Food Protection Manager Certification course and examination, which is required every 5 years. University of...