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How to Use Steam Canners: Canning with Confidence

Steam canning is a safe alternative to boiling water bath canning for preserving many high-acid foods, including most fruits, preserves, and pickled vegetables.

In this webinar you will learn how to use a steam canner, become familiar with recommended food processing times, and watch a steam canner in action during a demonstration for making homemade jam — a food preservation project perfect for beginning canners.

Presented by: Kristin Bogdonas, Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator


This webinar was originally recorded on June 15, 2023.


Timestamps (clicking on these will take you to the video on our YouTube channel):

1:56 Canning methods NOT approved for home food preservation

5:40 Approved canning methods

7:24 Acid levels of foods

9:06 Foods not safe to can in a steam canner

10:25 Boiling water bath canner vs. steam canner

10:09 Safety guidelines for using steam canners

14:24 Video of steam canner in action

19:14 Low sugar strawberry jam recipe from video

19:33 Types of fruit spreads

20:37 Tips for success with jams and jellies

21:43 Sugar and sweeteners

23:09 Options for low or no-sugar jams/jellies

26:30 Links for tested recipes and additional food preservation resources