Local Programs


We address key issues in Illinois.

Our work focuses on five grand challenges. Illinois Extension leaders work with a network of local stakeholders to define annual priorities that allow us to respond to evolving and emerging needs while still ensuring meaningful progress toward key outcomes in each of the five grand challenge areas. This blend of long-range focus and local accountability is a powerful strategy that ensures we stay true to our mission while we serve communities across the state.

  • Community: Support Strong and Resilient Youth, Families, and Communities
  • Economy: Grow a Prosperous Economy
  • Environment: Sustain Natural Resources in Home and Public Spaces
  • Food: Maintain a Safe and Accessible Food Supply
  • Health: Maximize Physical and Emotional Health for All

While most Extension programs are offered on an informal, non-credit basis, U of I Extension does offer continuing education credits in some fields of study. Extension programs may be offered as hands-on workshops, field days, online self-paced tutorials, or in other formats that are suitable for the audience and subject-matter.