Extension Advisory Council

Help us grow in our communities.

The Boone, DeKalb, and Ogle Counties advisory council is a vital advocacy group separated by four subcommittees- Community and Economic Development (CED), 4-H & Youth, Health & Local Foods (H & LF), and Natural Resources, Energy and Environment (NREE). Each subcommittee supports University of Illinois Extension's services as required by the County Cooperative Extension law. The council helps meet the challenges of maintaining close relationships and community awareness in each county by cooperatively working with Illinois Extension staff in planning, promoting, developing, implementing, and evaluating Extension programs, which are designed to meet the needs, interests, and resources of the local communities being served. Call 815-732-2191 for more information or to join our team of volunteers!


Meeting Dates

Health & Local Foods Extension Council Subcommittee
Feb. 27 - Zoom
May 21 - Zoom
Sept. 24 - In-Person
Nov. 26 - Zoom

Community and Economic Development Subcommittee

Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Subcommittee
March 27 - Zoom
June 13 - Zoom (postponed until July)
Sept. 24 - In-Person
Dec. 10 - Zoom

4-H & Youth Subcommittee
May 21 - Zoom (postponed to June 25)
Sept. 24 - In-Person
Nov. 28 - Zoom

Full Advisory Council Meeting
Sept. 24 - In-Person - Timber Pointe Golf Club in Poplar Grove, IL

Extension Advisory Council Agendas & Minutes

May 21, 2024:
Health & Local Foods Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
Health & Local Foods Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2024:
NREE Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
NREE Subcommittee Meeting Minutes & attachment

February 27, 2024:
Health & Local Foods Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
Health & Local Foods Subcommittee Meeting Minutes


New members begin their first term on September 1 and serve for two years with a maximum of two terms.


Community Economic Development & Government Subcommittee
Gina Caronna (DeKalb)
Luis Gonzalez (Boone)
Sherrie Taylor (Ogle)
Liz Vos (Ogle)
Heather Wick (Boone)

Health & Local Foods Subcommittee
Candie Fore (Ogle)
Sarah Hackbarth (Ogle)
Rylie Loucks-Kues (DeKalb)
Mark Schuth (Boone)

Ag & Natural Resources Subcommittee
Jodi Gudewicz (DeKalb)
Kayse Rushford (Ogle)
Jeff Woodyatt (DeKalb)
Barb Wych (Boone)
Anita Zurbrugg (DeKalb)

4-H & Youth Subcommittee
Pat Alexander (DeKalb)
Carson Conderman (Ogle)
Desiree Corral (DeKalb)
Ellie Davis (DeKalb)
Dori De La Cruz (DeKalb)
Gina DelRose (Boone)
Joe Dombek (DeKalb)
Chelsea Eden (Ogle)
Noe Escamilla (DeKalb)
Jody Hayes (Ogle)
Trent Heller (Ogle)
Lillian Hetland (DeKalb)
Amy Hildebrant (Boone)
Ellie Hildebrant (Boone)
Araceli Lopez King (DeKalb)
Bode Martin (Ogle)
Jeannette Mingus (Ogle)
Jael Monteagudo (Boone)
Heather Nelson (Boone)
Allen Ryan (Boone)
Jane Zeien (Boone)

Extension Board Appointment
Boone County
Tom Walberg

DeKalb County
Patrick Deutsch

Ogle County
Stan Asp
Rick Fritz
Lyle Hopkins