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rows of young corn in a field
Talking Crop: A Seasonal Row Crop Production Podcast
“Talking Crop” is a seasonal row crop production podcast hosted by University of Illinois Extension Commercial Agriculture Educator, Kathryn Seebruck. The purpose of this podcast is to provide farmers and agribusiness representatives with topical information and actionable...
Teen leaders gaze at House floor.
Teen leaders showcase leadership, speaking skills at State Capitol
Springfield, IL – Nearly 40 Illinois 4-H teens put their leadership skills to the test as they communicated the value and impact of Illinois 4-H with state legislators as a part of 4-H Legislative Connection on Feb. 7 and 8, and May 16 and 17. 4-H Legislative...
Person outside in the hot sun gardening while wiping forehead of sweat.
Recognizing heat-related warning signs for gardeners and landscapers
URBANA, Ill. — Landscaping and gardening are great physical exercises, and studies show they are good for emotional well-being. But those working outside must remain aware of the dangers associated with heat stress on their bodies. “When I was working as a landscaper, we had to sod a...

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