Building a Strong Foundation

Diabetes 101
What is diabetes?

Learn about the three main types of diabetes, what puts you at risk, and explore symptoms you may want to address with your healthcare provider.

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4-H State Rifle Contest

Illinois 4-H State Shoots in rifle, pistol, archery, and shotgun are intended to provide an opportunity for teenage 4-H members to compete with those with like interests from throughout Illinois…

Discover 4-H Carnival | DeKalb County

County: DeKalb

Have you ever wondered what 4-H is all about? Join 4-H families for some free fun and games! Everyone is welcome to join us for carnival games, putt-putt golf, bozo buckets, kite making, face…

What to Eat, When You Can't Eat That | Lessons for Living | October 2023

Need help reading nutrition labels for hidden allergens?

Learn how to read labels, identify hidden allergens, and the difference between an allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance. This program…

Don't Go It Alone: Improving Your Social Connections | Ogle County

County: Ogle

Social isolation and loneliness can deeply impact your quality of life. Join Extension educator, Kara Schweitzer, as she speaks about the difference between social isolation and loneliness,…

Spooked by Spending Plans?

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Gain control over your financial fears

Creating a budget can feel like you’re constricting your funds so you can’t have fun; however, creating a spending plan will ensure you’re determining where…

Marketing Rural Tourism

“Developing and strategically marketing rural tourism has been shown to foster entrepreneurship, job creation, and cultural revival.” (Soulard et. al., 2023)

According to the Illinois…

Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal

Diabetes 101
Carbs: What you eat and how much you eat matters.

Having a solid nutritional foundation to help you make healthier food choices when you have diabetes is vital. Find out what carbohydrates are,…

4-H College Application and Scholarship Virtual Series: Personal Statements

Personal Statements

The end of high school means big decisions on the horizon. You might be launching into a new job or applying for college. Illinois 4-H knows that all these decisions can be challenging. That’s why…

Monstrous Mussels, Creepy Carp: Explore Aquatic Invasives in Lake Michigan

Everyday Environment Webinar Series
What lurks under the surface?

Aquatic invasive species may seem like sea creatures from the movies, but the impact of these introduced plants and animals on Lake Michigan is no fiction. From…