Reminders and Registrations

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4-H Enrollment will open in October

New and re-enrolling members should enroll when they know what club they are joining and at least one project they are taking.
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IL 4-H Project Guide

Check-out all the project you have available.
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Project Manuals

To request a project manual please fill out this form and return it to the Extension office.
Newsletters and Flyers


Summer 4-H Newsletter - 2023

New 4-H Year Newsletter - Fall/Winter 2022

Livestock Flashes: 2022/23 

4-H Camp 2023: Brochure


4-H Club Reports

As a club reporter it is important that you write a brief article about your club meeting and special events. Those reports can be sent to the local newspapers as well as the Extension office. To be included on this page drop off the article to the Extension Office or email it to Nicole at: Share what you are doing at your 4-H club meetings with the community and other 4-H’ers!




County Announcements

Fairs and Shows

Awards, Club Forms, Record Book Forms


All of the following award applications are in a fillable PDF format. Before filling out the application, open the document in Adobe Acrobat and save it to your computer. All award applications are due no later than Friday, September 8, 2023.

  • Brown Award for Leadership Application  The purpose of this award is to recognize DeKalb County 4-H members who have developed the basic life skills needed to be good citizens and community leaders. The organizational leader of any DeKalb County 4-H Club may nominate one 4-H member from his/her club for this leadership award.  
  • I Dare You Award Application This award is for 4-H members, who are 14 – 16 as of September 1, 2022. 4-H members are selected for this award only once. 4-H Leaders can nominate a 4-H’er from their club to receive this award. The I Dare You Leadership Award recognizes those who, with a little encouragement, are ready to see themselves as leaders – young adults who are ready to take the dare. Leaders are encouraged to complete a brief award form addressing the nomination’s personal qualities that would make them an effective leader.
  • Alumni Award
  • Outstanding 4-H Supporter Application This award offers 4-H clubs the opportunity to recognize individuals, families, businesses, or organizations for their dedication, support and involvement with the DeKalb County 4-H program. 4-H clubs are encouraged to be creative and take this opportunity to recognize individuals that have assisted their 4-H club or the county 4-H program.
  • Outstanding 4-H Volunteer Application This award gives 4-H clubs the opportunity to recognize any 4-H volunteer for their dedication and support of their club’s programming efforts, or at the county level. Individuals nominated need not be a 4-H alumni…they only have to have been a volunteer for the 4-H program.

Club Forms & Resources

Project Books

  • To request a project book please fill out the Project Request Form and return it to the Extension office.

Record Book


  1. Use the record book for all the things you do in 4-H this year.
  2. Write 2-3 “Project Goals” for each project at the beginning of the 4-H year.
  3. Record participation in club offices, committees, projects, 4-H events, community service, promotions, leadership, school and community activities & 4-H ribbons/awards.
  4. This record book is your personal work. Handwriting or typing should be your own.
  5. You may add additional lines and spaces if needed.
  6. Your signature and that of your parent/guardian & leader are required. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
  7. Download your preferred format and save it to your computer. Then type in the requested information and save.

Livestock Records


  • Illinois 4-H Scholarship: These merit-based scholarships are awarded to five Illinois 4-H members in each category listed below. Scholarships are $1,000 and can be used to pay for any college-related costs. Scholarships are paid directly to the educational institution of the member’s choice. Members must be 15-19 years old, be currently enrolled in the Illinois 4-H program and must have been a 4-H member for a minimum of 2 years. Online applications must be submitted to the State 4-H Office by November 1. Applicants will also need to request reference forms from two references. Categories include: Animal Science, Civic Engagement/Global Living, Food Systems, Healthy Living/Nutrition, Leadership, Natural Resources & Environmental Science, Personal Growth, and STEM/Robotics 
  • Foundation Educational Scholarship: Applicants must be current or past DeKalb County 4-H members, who are high school seniors or in an approved post-high school educational program (junior college, 4-year university, trade school, etc.).  Applicants should also be a full time student. Once they receive the scholarship they are ineligible to reapply.  Word Format and PDF Format

Information For New Families

New 4-H Family Guide - The purpose of this guide is to help families learn about 4-H and how to have a positive experience in 4-H. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the 4-H youth development program. As your family goes through the 4-H year, you may find you have questions about specific activities or events or expectations of your family. Never hesitate to talk to your 4-H club leader or call the DeKalb County Extension office at 815/758-8194 if you have any questions.

5 Minute New 4-H Family Flash

Nicole Groezinger, 4-H Program Coordinator, talks to families new to 4-H about:

  • Projects
  • Record Books
  • FairEntry For 2023 you will need to "Create a FairEntry Account." Do NOT sign-in using 4-H Online. All entries are due on JUNE 12.

For More Information