Boone County Master Gardeners

If you enjoy gardening and like to learn to share your gardening knowledge, the Master Gardener program may be for you. All you need is an interest in gardening, an open mind, and a willingness to share your knowledge with others. The task to the Master Gardeners is to share unbiased, reliable, research-based information with home landscapers and gardeners. Another important function is to encourage young people to enjoy the pleasures of flower and vegetable growing.

Broccoli plant

Grow Your Own Food Garden Series

The Grow Your Own Food Garden Series will walk you through the many avenues of growing your own vegetables in your own backyard garden. From selecting what to grow, how and when to start seeds for your garden, and what to expect along the way until harvest time.

Helping Others Learn to Grow

Upcoming Programs

July 13 at 6 PM

What's Bugging My Garden?

Not sure what is bugging your garden?  Learn about the common pests and diseases that affect your garden plants and produce and the best practices to manage them. 

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August 3 at 6 PM

Preserving Herbs

Seasoning is the spice of life.  Let’s preserve our home-grown herbs.  Learn how to grow, harvest, and preserve your herbs so that they can be enjoyed throughout the season.   

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September 7 at 6 PM

End of Season Gardening

Seed saving, garden cleanup and kitchen scrap gardening are all tasks that when done right can prepare your garden space for the next growing season or extend your current garden.

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