Serving DeWitt, Macon and Piatt Counties

Female 4-h members washes white sheep with hose

1 in 14 kids in Illinois is in 4-H. Through 4-H, youth can travel, have fun, build leadership skills and connect with new friends, mentors and future employers. Get ready to make the best better!

Explore existing DeWitt County 4-H clubs below. Don't see one in your area? Start your own club! All you need is an adult volunteer and five youth who will meet at least six times a year and explore one or many project areas. 

Clubs not your style? Sign up for an afterschool program or attend 4-H summer camp in Monticello. Teachers, add a 4-H curriculum to your classroom. Teenagers, share your skills and become a 4-H Teen Teacher.

Interested? Ready to take the plunge? 

Complete this state interest survey to find the 4-H group that's right for you. If you're ready to start a club or get 4-H in your classroom, please fill out this contact form and a 4-H staff member will be in touch. 

Membership Enrollment

The 4-H new year begins September 1. Enroll or re-enroll as a member, family, club or volunteer through 4-H Online. Need help? Check out the How to Enroll page. Find all the materials you need for project guides and selection, releases and medical forms, club position books, financial statements, fundraiser and donation documents and more on the Club Resources page.

Cloverbud programs are open to 5 to 7-year-olds. 4-H is open to 8 to 18-year-olds. If you're already a member, explore the links below for more resources.


Clever Clovers 
Wide range of interests, including livestock - something for everyone!
Clinton Cloverbuds
Science and art focus
Clinton Robotics Club 
Robotics, parent/guardian involvement encouraged 
Clinton Sewing Club
Hands-on beginner sewing 
DeWitt County Shooting Sports Clubs
Air Rifle, .22, archery and shotgun. Additional club fees may apply
Wide range of interests - something for everyone!
Lucky Whirlwinds
 Wide range of interests - something for everyone!
Rebel Riders
Horses and a wide range of interests, including livestock - something for everyone!
Salt Creek Clovers 
Wide range of interests, including livestock - something for everyone!
Town & Country
Wide range of interests, something for everyone
Woodworking Club 
Hands-on woodworking

Farmer City

Farmer City Cloverbuds 
Food and art focus
Helping Hands 
Wide range of interests - something for everyone!


Prairie Foxes
Poultry focus club

Horse Show

June 27-28, 2020 | DeWitt County 4-H Fairgrounds

Livestock Show and General Project Show

July 10-13, 2020 | DeWitt County 4-H Fairgrounds

Macon-Piatt County Show

July 21-22, 2020 | Richland Community College

Illinois State Fair

August 13-23, 2020 | Springfield


2020 Showbook

4-H Fair Enrollment Instructions

Exhibit Report Form

Planning for Your 4-H Project Talk or Demonstration