2021 Fruit & Vegetable VIRTUAL Conference


This virtual conference will combine the Southwestern Illinois Tree Fruit School and the Southern Illinois Small Fruit and Vegetable School.

There is no cost.


Topics include:

  • Peach and Apple Disease Update, Mohammad Babadoost
  • Peach and Apple Insect Update, Kacie Athey
  • Pruning Blueberries, Pat Byers and Elizabeth Wahle
  • Research Update: Trellising Raspberries, Bronwyn Aly
  • Climate Trends: Past and Present, Trent Ford
  • Cucurbit Crop Diseases, Mohammad Babadoost
  • Solanceous Crop Diseases, Mohammad Babadoost
  • Insect Control in Sweet Corn, Kacie Athey
  • Pumpkin Variety Trial, Nathan Johanning
  • Tomato Field Production, Katie Bell