Saturdays with a Master Gardener | Whiteside County Workshop Series

Join Whiteside County Master Gardeners as we explore the world of gardening. There will be a special swag bag for a lucky individual at the end of the year! The more you attend, the better your chances of winning! All Programs will be held at the Whiteside Extension Office: 12923 Lawrence Rd. Sterling, IL | 10 AM - Noon

All dates in series:

“Grab your Webster’s! It’s time for Plant Phenology!”  February 12, 2022
“When apple blossoms start to fall……When lilacs are in full bloom….When oak leaves are the size of a squirrels ear……” old wives tales or good advice? Plant Phenology is the study of natural plant cycles, a valuable planning tool for gardeners in this time of climate change and unpredictable weather.

“Not just for beds anymore! Why you should plant annuals!”  March 12, 2022
Need extra color in your gardens? Learn why you should plant annuals.

“The ultimate cover up! Choosing the right Ground Covers.” April 9, 2022
Have an area in your yard where nothing will grow?  Find a ground cover that will dress up your landscape.

“Will the real lily please stand up!” July 16, 2022
Need to add color and fragrance to your garden? Learn about the different variety of lilies that will produce showy color and aromatic fragrance.

“Add color and texture to your yard! Selecting the right trees!” September 17, 2022
Trees provide shade and habitat for wildlife, hear about the different species that will enhance your landscape.

“All tucked away for a long winter’s nap! Your garden need covers too.” October 15, 2022
Protect your soil and provide nutrients for your produce garden.

“A Clean Tool is a Happy Tool! Care and cleaning of Garden Tools.” November 12, 2022
Keep your tools in working condition, learn the ins and outs of tool care and cleaning.

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