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Ready...Set...Grow... Gardening Workshop | Dixon

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Event Date(s)
Event Time
Loveland Community House | Dixon
Event Fee

2024 Ready...Set...Grow...Gardening Workshop, on Saturday, March 23 from 9 AM to Noon at Loveland Community House in Dixon (513 W. 2nd Street, Dixon). Join the Master Gardeners of Carroll, Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties for this half-day event offering participants information about various aspects of home gardening.

This workshop includes:

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Two breakout sessions (Hands-On sessions have added supply fee)
  • Master Gardener Q & A Desk
  • Door Prizes

The fee for this program is $25. The hands-on sessions have additional fees.
Registration deadline is March 8.


8:30 AM – Registration 

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Welcome & Keynote Presentation
Blooms of Brilliance: Nurturing Annuals for a Vibrant Garden
by Tyler Hagemann from Hagemann Horticulture, Oregon, IL

Join Tyler Hagemann, the visionary horticulturist behind Hagemann Horticulture in Oregon, IL, in an immersive exploration of the enchanting world of floral design. In this exclusive workshop, Tyler will guide participants through the intricate process of unveiling the most captivating and cutting-edge blooms set to grace the landscapes of 2024.

SESSION ONE – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM – CHOOSE ONE

Next Level Seed Starting
by Vic Zaderej, Happy Leaf
Whether you have been starting plants for your garden for years or you still haven't taken that path, Vic Zaderej from Happy Leaf will shed light on how to get amazing starter plants for your garden. While light is a big part of the equation, Vic will also discuss timing, mediums, seed handling, and environment and will definitely answer questions from participants.
Making Every Drop Count-Xeriscaping
by Chris Enroth, Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator
Tired of dragging the hose around and hauling buckets of water to parched plants? Then learn how you can incorporate xeriscaping into your home garden. Whether you desire a minimalist landscape approach or crave a lush garden; listen as Horticulture Extension Educator Chris Enroth details design strategies and proper plant selection to minimize your water usage and make every drop count.
Veggie Visions: Unveiling new flavors in 2024
by Bruce Black, Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator
Embark on a culinary adventure as we unveil the exciting lineup of new vegetables for the 2024 season! Learn about the unique characteristics, growing tips, and delectable uses of these fresh additions. Be among the first to discover the latest in vegetable gardening trends and get ready to transform your kitchen with a harvest of vibrant and enticing produce.
Crafting Your Own Blend at The Tea Garden Experience (Hands-On)
 by Nancy Gmitro, Carroll County Master Gardener
Discover the essence of a tea garden in this workshop! Dive into the diverse world of tea gardens, exploring various types and learning about the plants essential for cultivating your own herbal teas at home. Engage in a hands-on experience as participants craft their personalized tea bags, culminating in a delightful tea party to savor the fruits of their labor. An additional fee of $10 includes program materials.


Compact Orchard Delights: Container Fruit Gardening
by Bruce Black, Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator
Limited on space but craving homegrown fruits? Explore the world of container gardening with a focus on fruits! Uncover the secrets of cultivating dwarf varieties of blueberries, strawberries, brambles (raspberries and blackberries), and even apple trees. Discover how these compact plants can thrive on your patios or small outdoor areas, delivering abundant fresh fruit flavors in even the coziest spaces!
Hydrangeas Demystified
by Monica Putnam, Hidden Timber Gardens
Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful additions to summer gardens, but with so many different varieties, choosing the best hydrangea for your garden can become confusing. This class will break down the different types of hydrangeas, the optimal growing conditions for each type, and how to care for them so you can confidently select the right hydrangea for your garden and enjoy the beautiful summer blooms for years to come.
Growing Ginger, Turmeric, and Other Unique Crops
 by Chris Enroth, Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator
Are there markets beyond tomatoes for local growers? During this class University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator, Chris Enroth, will share his experience growing tropical crops like ginger, turmeric, and other unique market vegetables in the Midwest.
Spring Forward (Hands-On)
by Jim Brown, Woodlawn Landscapes & Design
Get ready to unleash your creativity! Get hands-on and combine the vibrant beauty of blooms with the unexpected charm of vegetables. Experience the thrill of blending nature's best in a unique masterpiece that captures the essence of spring. An additional fee of $35 includes program materials.

Noon – Evaluations & Pick Up Door Prizes

Loveland Community House is home to the Loveland History Museum which is located on the third floor of the building. Admission is free. You are invited to tour the museum when the conference is over.

For more information about Ready…Set…Grow… and other Master Gardener programs, please call any Extension office in Carroll, Lee, Ogle or Whiteside counties. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact your local Extension office. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting your access needs.

Carroll County Extension:  815-244-9444
Lee County Extension:  815-857-3525
Ogle County Extension: 815-732-2191
Whiteside County Extension: 815-632-3611

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact