Crop Production Resources

From pests to stress, farmers face mounting challenges that threaten profitability, production, and health. Learn strategies for minimizing loss and maximizing profit.

Insect and Disease Control

Field Crop Production Bulletin
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Early Season Insects
Don't let pests get an early start on your freshly-planted fields. In this videoNick Seiter, U of I assistant crop sciences professor, discusses some of the early season insect pests to be on the watch for in corn and soybean production fields throughout Illinois.

Are Nematodes Stealing Your Yield
Is your yield disappearing suspiciously? You might have a nematode problem. In this videoChelsea Harbach, Extension commercial agriculture educator, and Diane Plewa of the U of I Plant Clinic, walk through the process of taking a field sample and how the sample is examined at the Illinois Plant Clinic.

Foliar and stalk diseases on corn-scouting, identification, and management
Don't forget to consider foliar and stalk diseases during the growing season. In this videoNathan Kleczewski, Illinois crop science assistant professor, discusses diseases to watch for and how to go about scouting, identification, and managing these diseases.

Mid-Season Insect Management
Do you have an insect infestation in your corn or soybean fields? Have you scouted for rootworm damage in your corn? Nick Seiter demonstrates the importance of crop scouting and offers ways to manage mid-season insect pests to protect the yield potential of your corn and/or soybean crops. 

farmdoc's 5-minute crop updates
Find a host of resources on crop marketing and forecasts on farmdoc's 5-minute videos. Review the playlist.

Hemp Production

Hemp Crop Updates
What did last year teach us about growing hemp? Illinois Extension Commercial Ag Educator Phillip Alberti offers the most recent hemp production research collected from land grant universities across the country. Watch the video.

Farmer Health and Wellness

Navigating the Unknown Together
Learn stress management methods and tools specifically geared to the agricultural industry during the current emotionally-stressful period. Josie Rudolphi, U of I assistant professor in agriculture biological engineering discusses mindfulness, intent, and connection in today's agricultural industry. Watch the video.